Lost my dad

Couch Jockey

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Jun 7, 2007
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Early last month he was pulling a stock trailer back through a neighboring state, he had brought some cattle to a friend to get the guy started ranching. It was nighttime and a couple of drunken idiots tried to pass and sent him off the road. He died at the scene.

I was planning to move back there last spring - I had worked an agreement to sell my part of my practice and I was in escrow on the ranch next to my dad's place. There were title issues on the place I was buying so I got frustrated and withdrew, even though my family was telling me to stick with it. I can't help but think something might have been different if I'd just stuck it out, I'm absolutely devastated.

My dad - even in his 60's - was the strongest, toughest, hardest-working man you'd ever meet. And while he was all those things, he still managed to be the kindest, happiest, most patient man you'd ever meet.

Rest in peace, Dad, you were one of a kind and the world is darker without you. Love, Jack.
Sorry for your loss. I feel for you. I had some loses in my family recently and I can imagine how you're feeling. Losing someone you love is never easy, especially your father.
Sorry to hear that man. Keep your head up and keep your memory of him alive.
I lost my father last year.
Sorry about your loss.
RIP to your father Couch Jockey
I will be a sad motherfucker the day my father dies..
Sorry for your loss, man.

I lost mine in October.
Very sorry for your loss, I had a close encounter with almost losing my dad when I was 14, worst night of my life. I can't imagine having that feeling for longer than I did, it's utterly devastating.
I dread when this day will come for me. rip
Sincerely sorry for your loss.I can imagine myself in the same position.Our parents are the only ones we can truly trust in this world.

It's a poorer life without them for anyone.
Sorry for your loss. It sounds like the world lost a good man.
My condolences. From what you say, he sounds like a great man.

Try to keep your head up.
I'm so so sorry for your loss man. You need anything at all, feel free to shoot me a PM.
I'm sorry, my Sherdog brother. Condolences to you and your family.
Couch - so sorry to hear that. You are one of the good guys here. Sorry for your loss.

Make sure those drunks pay for their idiocy.
Very sorry to hear. I haven't been through that, but I know when I do experience it I will be devastated. Stay strong.