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Jan 30, 2002
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I was told this by a thirty year kung fu practitioner....a bjj student came into his class wanting a "challenge" match with one of his black belts. the instructor said 'sure' and headed out to the parking lot. the bjj guy was confused thinking they were going to stay in the studio to fight. when he finally got wind of what was going on he backed out of the challenge-- the bjj guy decided to "show" them some moves instead. after 15 minutes of "showing" the kung fu guy asked him to go out to the parking lot and do those same moves--even offered $100 to do it. the bjj guy didn't. I wasn't there personally but I know of another bjj guy backing out of a challenge match when his opponent was going to use all of his weapons(mt guy)--the bjj guy didn't want him to use his elbows. so, I'm sold on the effectiveness of bjj in the ring on a cushy mat but royce would have lost to severn on the street.............cement plays more of a role than people want to admitt and every grappler i know says to stay off the ground in a fight. so i would not discount a good kung fu guy in the street.
At my school, the only martial arts class is called close querters combat, and the instructor laughs at the thought of fighting on your back in a street fight and he is black belt in JJ.
The Kung Fu master was very smart, and I would have loved to see such a fight take place, if the BJJ was willing to fight from his back on the cement then more power to him.
Well, different people have different pain tolerances. The Gracies were much more hardcore. Check out the documentary "Gracies in Action" where the Gracies and their students take on a karate class on either tile or concrete floor. Just because this bjj guy chickened out doesn't mean all bjj guys would.
Oh, for the record, all kinds of strikes were allowed in the match and the Gracie school won all of their fights. They weren't afraid of elbows or a hard surface.
BJJ isn't just flopping to your guard and trying to submit from there. If a fight between a Kung Fu guy and a BJJ went to the ground, I'd put my money on the BJJ guy ending up on top, getting mount or knee in stomach and punching/elbowing the crap out of the kung fu guy.
I agree with ClubberLange.

Kung Fu has never proved it's worth while BJJ is one of the most effective arts in the world. No, not everything in BJJ will work on the street but it's easy to adjust BJJ to make it work.
that bjj guy musta sukd on takedwns and clinching. cuz if he was halfway decent bjj'er he wuda dumpd thethe Mc-fu dude on his hed. any decent bjj'er - purpl+ , can do some decent takedwns. by that time too they shud hav some good no gi training also.

also , in bjj yu gota lern how to set up takedowns on strikrs - its not all fightin from yer back - the art has TONS of tekneeks, and its up to the school and the individual to get well rounded in all diff. kinds of stuf.
I just started BJJ training, and I would have to say that even if I was a purple or brown belt, I wouldn't have taken the challenge. The reason being, I have nothing to prove. BJJ has proven it's effectiveness time and time again. Plus, I don't take BJJ so I can think I'm hard. I wouldn't fight someone that way just to prove a point. And yes, I agree with the previous point, that in a street fight, it's preferable to have the mount. The guard shouldn't be what you're going for, it should be a last resort.
You forget that BJJ was adapted and fine tuned by fighting on the streets and in these challenge matches.. so saying that BJJ wouldn't work on the street or the guard wouldnt work on the street is kinda funny.
Fuck that, I have gotten in a few fights on the street and I shot in and get them down, then get on top and headbutt or choke or whatever, yes my knees and elbows (wrist too) get cut up, but hey I would rather get cut up then lose a fight. I didnt start any of them either, just for your info
think of it this way. if the bjj guy lost he would have had cuts bruises and concussion.
if the kung fu guy lost he could just tap out and not have any injuries.
so why would the bjj guy take this fight? he has nothing to prove.

there is more chance the bjj guy would win and it would be the kung fu guy on his back not the bjj guy.
I used to practice that MA wit' a lot of "goin' down" moves... wit' no mat... parquet floor was the official floor to practice... you just have to learn how to fall down on hardground...
Anyways, we all feel that BJJ has proved it's mettle against many other arts and that this was probably an isolated incident invovling a young BJJ guy and David Carridine.
Originally posted by ClubberLange
BJJ isn't just flopping to your guard and trying to submit from there. If a fight between a Kung Fu guy and a BJJ went to the ground, I'd put my money on the BJJ guy ending up on top, getting mount or knee in stomach and punching/elbowing the crap out of the kung fu guy.

if i was that bjj guys teacher i'd whoop his arse for not taking that bet. That's if the storie's true. It sounds a little booosheeet to me.
BJJ is a sport - not a martial art. u cant put much of a triangle on someone if they jab their thumb in your eye. I fu wanna learn to fight on the street - BJJ is part of it, but TJJ would generally be more effective in reality. BJJ also goes out the window if more than one person is involved.
in a street fight..I can't picture BJJ being effective. like Gui said..how can you execute moves with somebody is poking you in the eye? biting your left pinky off? punching you constantly in the nuts (don't know how joe son did it..but, he's a warrior:D)?

in a street fight..in all honesty, everything is thrown out of the window. it's not about technique..it's just about survival. it's all about instincts..not technique. does it take technique to grab a board, a trash can, and/or a glass bottle and bust it over a guys head? if it does, I wanna go to that class.

plus, if it's more than one person, what are you gonna do? ask the other guy to stand to the side until you choke out his friend? or wait for a tag? it's about throwing punches, kicking like a madman, biting, and eye gouging :D

but, BJJ is good for MMA....