Kittens are great aren't they


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Oct 19, 2012
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Right now I have 2 kittens and they are the most loveable things in the world, one has heterochromia, the genetic mutation in the eyes that make one a different color from the other.

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Need to learn English first.
You're hired.
I don't think you're cut out for the Culinary Institute of America
I was asked along with a few others in my school by FBI recruiters to apply as a foreign language specialist to the FBI

At the time I liked to party and privacy -neither of which is a priority in the FBI -so I never followed up.
They said I could be anything... So I became the intelligence agency of the US government.
This feels like a spin-off/rip-off from the "Brutally Honest Personal Ads" thread...
How do you intend to become CIA? Are you a shapeshifter?
No way you're getting a clearance.

Makes me more alluring actually. Im an inverse. For the most part, im the opposite of their conventional requirement detail that is posted on their website.