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News Khalil Rountree suspended for only 2 months following accidental consumption of banned substance

That USADA link actually states DHEA is a hormone produced by the adrenal gland. Diuretics are used to mask testosterone but those are very different.

Diuretics are used to flush the actual molecule out of the system for testing or to dilute it. DHEA is used as an explanation for fluctuating hormones between tests. Or at least that's my understanding when this came up for Machida.
I agree 100%. There were a few that made a little difference, but even when stacked on each other it was MAYBE a 5% difference.

Off the top of my head I thought NOS boosters did a little bit but not nearly for how much they cost.

All I use now is pre workout, creatine, and whey.

Yup and yup. When I was younger/more serious about training, I did notice some real energy and pump from NOS. Similar but a bit less from L-Arginine. LOL but it was 45-50 bucks for a little tub of the stuff, so unless I was snagging it for free I stopped using it. Whey proteins are mostly legit (although there are infinite brands now with tons of extra, expensive, useless shit added in), and creatine does what it's advertised to do, and everyone knows the pros/cons, so that's fair game.

p.s. My favorite thing was that every other guy coming into GNC just wanted his dick to either work, or be bigger. . . . . LOTS OF RETURNS from that kind of customer ;)
Machida got freaking banned for 1 years+ for this same bs supplement.
DHEA is not even worth buying, shouldn’t even be on banned list.