Judo Gene LeBell says Ronda Rousey is a sadistic wench'

rowdy bec

Nov 29, 2012
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I've known Ronda long before she knew who I was. I knew her mother, who was a very good judo person. Ronda beats a good percentage of the men who are bigger than her - and good ones, too. She doesn't fool around. It's all business to her. Nothing bothers her. She got icewater running in her veins. She doesn't give a damn about pressure. She's a sadistic wench.


Rousey is a hell of a competitor, no doubt about it.
Aren't all women?

Posted already I believe.

Good stuff though. Wouldn't have it any other way.
as opposed to any other ufc champion?

you better find another sport to follow because rousey is about to become the face of the ufc

BS. Lisa Leslie didn't become the face of basketball, did she?
The more you know.

Knowledge is valuable. Also, another thing about doors is that the often work both ways. Not only can you step in, but you can also step out. Of course many folks tend to stay despite their professed disapproval of where the doors lead.
Dudes threatened by the the attention of a female in their little fantasy world of buff, aggressive men.

You can always tell the guys who can't get pussy by how angry they are about anything involving females.