Jones Most Impressive Victory.


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Jun 26, 2012
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Which of Jon Jones wins does you consider his most impressive?

Vs Shogun. Everyone was high on Shogun after the second Machida fight, and there were still many talking about Jones being overhyped. Then he went in there and just completely dismantled Shogun.
I would say Shogun or Lyoto. Just the fashion that he beat Lyoto in makes me vote for him
Id say Shogun, but Rua looked aweful in that fight. Long lay off, surgery, he came in visibly worse than normal.

So, Lyoto gets my vote. The way he threw Lyoto down and finished him, was really impressive.
Shogun. Winning the belt, absolutely dominating everywhere, and finishing possibly the GOAT at LHW at the time.
Shogun, Lyoto, Rashad, Rampage, Vitor etc. For me anyway.
For me it was Machida. Jones made adjustments to the success Machida was having almost immediately & completely turned the table by the second round. That was as big of a wow moment for me as watching the Kongo/Barry finish...
Shogun 1st.
Lyoto, honourable mention.

Winning the title in such dominant fashion over one of the GOAT LHW's that way was truly career defining.
For me Rampage. The Shogun and Machida fights were great, but in both of them, Jones really put the worst beating on those guys once he had them on the ground. In the Rampage fight, Jones put on an absolute standup clinic against a very dangerous man at his best, and just took Rampage apart.

That armbar was vicious and he was clearly phased by it. Came back to be dominant and, ultimately, submit Vitor.

Very impressive win.
Shogun was his most impressive and I am not even a shogun fan but even I felt bad for Shogun in that fight. Jones broke his will in that fight and beat shogun like some used shoes, it was pretty vicious.
i was going to say shogun.but that was a total domination.the reason i picked lyoto because i think machida would beat him in a rematch.jones lost the first round and improvised adapted and overcome the 2nd round, and that to me was the most impressive thing i have seen jj do.
For it's between Shogun and Lyoto.

I voted Lyoto. Dismantling Shogun when he was champ was very impressive but he was a nightmare match up for Shogun stylistically.

Well before UFC 140 I had thought about a match up between JJ and Lyoto and how that would be the toughest fight for him on paper. Never would I have thought that they'd face each other so soon into JJ's reign. JJ went in there had a close first round with Lyoto starting to build momentum and then he listened to his corner and came out in the next round and figured out Lyoto's striking quickly. He easily evaded a rarely aggressive Lyoto, trapped Machida, and set up big shots with feints to open up opportunities for the TD and choke.

It's very rare to stop Lyoto's momentum when he has begun to time you esp. when he does that in the opening round.

Finishing Machida inside of 2 rounds while stopping Lyoto's momentum was his defining performance imo. That's w/o even mentioning being the first to submit Lyoto and becoming one of only two men that have finished him. Shogun fight is not far behind to be clear.
Vitor. Jones shows world class defence against top BJJ guy. That armbar escape was the best thing I have seen in last times.
His striking and wresting skill is well known.
how can be the ebating of out of shape and fucked up knees rua be his most impressive victory? its the same as saying that you are impressed when 5 guys beat up 1 one lonly person.
Shogun because people here including myself had reservations about Jones and his ability to beat Shogun. I thought Shogun would end up winning and retain the belt but man was I wrong. Not to mention Jones utterly beat the ever loving piss outta Shogun. Made him look like he was an amateur in there
Went with other because anytime a crucifix position is used properly it's a beautiful thing to see.
Sorry Vlad.