Jonathan Brookins is an impressive dude, will become a contender


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Dec 15, 2011
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Brookins is always improving and has one of the best chins in the division, plus he hits hard. I think well see him rise to the top of the division at some point in the near future. I'd like to see him get a tune up against Meza and then maybe fight somebody like Dennis Siver or maybe Mendes (but I think he's above Mendes at this point in terms of having faced stiffer compettion )

I don't see it. He has zero head movement and lacking striking defence.
worst troll post ever. make an effort at least
They said he trained in TriStar w/GSP, so I was surprised when he stood in the pocket and recklessly traded where I've heard GSP describe that as a coin flip where one guy is going to get clipped.
His chin might be better.. if he tucked it.
Well he is only 27 and has fought some of featherweights best. Hope he learns to defend submissions but his chin is one of the best at 145 for sure.
I don't understad troll threads like this. All his losses in the UFC and WEC are to very game opponents. Will he ever be featherweight champion? No. But he's a really good fighter and seems to be a very nice guy.
Dudes been finished by....umm..aldo...oliviera....and porier. Oh shit! He must suck!

Fuck you guys, war brookins. He should keep training at tristar and he will become a contender.
I don't see it. He has zero head movement and lacking striking defence.

Kampmann gets tagged and nearly KO'd in every fight due to how bad his striking defence is, yet many people consider him a contender.

Not saying you're wrong, just a thought.
I want to see him fight Max Hollaway. I think that would be a decent matchup. Plus I think he could actually avoid being subbed there.
Brookins has got to learn to keep his hands up and his chin down. What does he think when he re-watches his fights and sees his chin 10 feet in the air begging to be hit ? If he can't learn to do that by now, I am not sure if it will ever happen.

I was surprised Dustin Poirier didn't finish Brookins sooner. If Brookins fights a guy like Denis Siver he is going to get KO'd pretty damn quickly.