International Is this really the start of a World War 3?

Iran attacking Israel will definitely not start WW3 but it will give opening for China to invade Taiwan. US having Rus, Iran and China on its plate might be too much then who knows what will happen.

Apparently this is what got Iran upset. Not sure that it's tied to that tweet though.
Yeah tracking that that happened a week ago or so. Just wasn’t sure what the OP was talking about Iran retaliating

All I could find when he posted it was the story about the shipping container which is not nothing but it’s hardly a springboard to WWIII. Looks like Iran may have just launched some drones at Israel though so I guess we will see what happens

Macrons getting that glint in his eye.
i swear every fucking week on social media people want ww3 to start.
I just saw this on X and I don't know what to make of you think it's true or I should just stop using X like I stopped using Facebook (smartest thing I did in a long time, even though I was kinda forced).

No...chill the hell out
It has already started, it's not all about missiles and bullets.
There is biological warfare, cyber warfare, disinformation warfare, propaganda warfare, etc.
Our food, water and air, are being poisoned.
The West is being invaded, it is being destroyed.
Our kids are being pressured and indoctrinated into believing they need to change 'genders.'
So many people won't stand up for truth because of being scared of being cancelled, they simply go along with lies.
The police, military, judicial system, education system, political system, the mass media, social media, and more, are corrupted.
This is now being able to be done on a global scale thanks to the digital age, computers, the 'net, mobile phones.

So yeah, we are already in WWIII.
Whatever else happens Biden ain't doing shit until after November. His handlers see those approval numbers.
Probably not but who knows. There could be a chain reaction of sorts, leading to a widening conflict militarily and economically. I wish our border had been secured, instead of letting millions of military aged men into the country over the last couple of years.
Just another Middle Eastern conflict. Nothing more.

Wake me up when there's actually peace in the Middle East.
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