is Rampage done in the UFC after his upcoming fight?


Jan 2, 2013
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He never seems to be in good terms with the UFC and is always talking about all sorts of venture opportunities outside the UFC. Haven't read anything about his future with UFC.
or maybe he'll say he wants one more fight and "retire" after that one
have him fight griffin for his last fight.
If he wins the UFC will want him cause he's a draw and he'll get better money and exposure then he would elsewhere.

Only reason why he would go elsewhere is for easier/funner fights and BFC might offer him crazy money to sign.
Is he planning on retiring or looking for more fights elsewhere afterwards?
the latter. I'd love to see him in Bellator vs King Mo

Decent chance he does the King Mo deal where he signs with Bellator and TNA. Either that or he will be off to Japan for pro wrestling, some crazy ass tv shows and some fights with One FC.
I doubt it. Dana won't want him going anywhere after he crushes his unproven prospect Glover.

Rampage has been asking for a rematch with Shogun for the longest. I say give it to him. Shogun is a balls-to-the-wall fighter who won't try to dry hump Rampage's leg and, unlike Glover, won't be KO'd in a round or two. Rampage vs Shogun II would be all kinds of fireworks and could help out tremendously if used as a co-main to one of the less-established title's title bouts (in the same vein as Hendo/Machida).
I see this as his last fight in the UFC, but the slim chance I give it to him staying around is if he wins via KO. Any other outcome will result in his departure from the UFC.
The dude is pretty much a diva with limited skills at this point, he's not exactly young nor healthy and he didn't adapt very well to the wrestling heavy US MMA.

That being said, he's still a big PPV draw and the UFC cannot afford to let him go to BFC/OneFC/Japan etc.
He would bring too much attention to these shows.

I except him to stay if he wins or retire if he gets finished.
With the young guns with more hunger, drive, and diverse talent, like Davis, Gus, and especially Jones around, Rampage realizes he's not a title contender anymore. That is, unless he pulls a Sonnen (don't know how, since Jones scrapped him already) or he serves as a late replacement in a title eliminator and wins (or is a late replacement for a title fight).

All Rampage really has left to do at LHW in the UFC is to have a rematch with the likes of Shogun, Forrest, and Rashad (the latter only if Rashad somehow loses to Little Nog).

Maybe there is a chance Rampage goes to MW (he's only like 5'10, lol), or does a catchweight bout to end the quadrilogy with Wanderlei or do a rematch with Hendo.

As for where he goes, unless he gets the King Mo TNA/Bellator offer and he still wants to fight, he'll re-sign with the UFC. If he wins, though, he'll leverage for a bigger contract. If he doesn't want to continue fighting, he'll become a television personality, a pro wrastler, or run a MMA gym full-time.
I think after this fight he should retire and maybe do color commentary...he's a pretty funny guy and likeable by some so why not? Don't really see what else he can do if he needs money bad enough to just get punched and taken down for a few rounds
I love Rampage but I think his role in the UFC is coming to a end. To me he lost that drive and passion after the Japan card.
if he loses they will let him go. if he wins they will want to keep him

the ufc did the same thing with tito. they put him against machida when he was just coming up and then cut tito after the loss.

rampage is beefing with dana and talking about how he wants out of the ufc just like tito was. glover is the up and comer instead of machida

id like to see rampage vs shogun but other than that meh whatever
Why do people think Rampage will KO Glover, exactly?
Why do people think Rampage will KO Glover, exactly?

It's definitely not a certainty but a high possibility...if you stand with Rampage for three's just a matter of time. Plus Fabio landed one clean punch and had Glover hurt