I'm 44 and I post here...do I have a problem?

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Jun 14, 2002
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I mean, is anyone else here nearly that old? I just get the impression that I'm at least twice the age of most posters. I try not to make references to things like rotary-dial telephones, 8-track tapes and the like, but I'm feeling a little self-conscious.
Good, you take some pressure off of meat and crippler :D :D
Computer boy I know of those acient artifacts you speak for once when I was a young whippersnapper I played with such things
You're in the upper range of age around here, but don't let it bother you. In fact, fuck what others think about it. Hell, over half the posters here can't think anyways, so it matters little.
I'm 29. I think Crip is 33 and is the oldest.
Well, WAS the oldest until your aged arse walked in. :D
me thinks...
Meat is 34, I think. There is another guy though, either bodysnatcher or willhelm who is 36 or 37.
Your name is a little misleading...you may want to change it to "computer old fart".:D j/k
j/k. dude, i'm 23. i could practically be your father so it's no big deal.
Naww - There is that one dude who post here who is up there also... He has posted pics of himself invloving marathons.....
Originally posted by hex
Your name is a little misleading...you may want to change it to "computer old fart".:D j/k
:eek: :D :p
Don't let it get to you...
You can help us out and post pics of Helio in his prime;)
How can you call this guy a newbie, it's an oxymoron in itself.
Killer is old too.

Computer... u can officially be our Daddy. Sometimes, we need someone to set us straight!!
Seriously, you're fine man.

I'd be worried if I was this old

Be like Meat. Meat utilizes his age in terms of wisdom and helps us out by exchanging small nuggets of information. Unless you're a moron you should be a positive factor on the board.
Your cool computer boy. It doesn't matter if you are 50 or 20. You seem like a decent fellow.
See? I'm MUCH older than anyone else here. Daddy fits. Humor me, I'll die before you.

Vod, you've got my niche. That could be my function here. Small nuggets of information, maybe useful, maybe not. Gramps, sitting in the corner in his rocker just taking it all in for as long as anybody can remember. I can do that. I am no Meat Fist, though. I have to pick my threads carefully, age and memory do not equal entertainment value or wit.

Everyone sounds very accepting of my agedness, probably because it's terminal. I have to rest between posts, but I'll try to keep up.
Two reasons you're accepted.

First, this place is a rare accumulation of (mostly) good characters.
And second, the physical presence is non-existent. Consequently, the words you type (or pics :D) determine the respect and appreciation you attain, not the phenotype.

On this board, you're just an ageless nick.