Horrible things you've done?


Mar 2, 2012
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Got the idea for this thread from Sins & Secrets(http://www.sherdog.net/forums/f48/sins-secrets-2352877/ and ryanisgreat's threadpocalypse(http://www.sherdog.net/forums/f48/hows-everyone-doing-2353471/index2.html

The idea is to confess your horrible acts. Legal or illegal and did you get away with it or got punished for it? And how do you feel about it now? The more horrible and vile the act = More Internet points rewarded.

One time at a party, my friend were completely obnoxious and I got annoyed by his dickholish acts and decided to give him a taste of the piss. I offered to get him a beer, filled the pint for about 3/4 full and pissed in it to make it even. Then I served it to him with a big smile. He said that it tasted like there was something wrong with the beer(he drank it anyway) and I joked about pissing in it for the rest of the night. To this day he won't believe me when I say that I pissed in it.

He deserved it.

I know that's pretty tame, but I wanted to keep it light(for now) and didn't come up with anything else for the time being.


PS. It's my first thread, so.. Fuck you guys, I'm no thread expert.

PPS. Sorry if there's another thread like this already, too lazy to search.
Me and my friend pissed in a bottle and gave it to another friend saying it was orange juice.
He drank it and said nothing and this baffles me to this day.
I left the toilet seat up on purpose because the misses made me miss my favorite part in a movie.
i thought this was going to be real. these just sound like pranks.
When I was 4 years old, I pissed in a water bottle and chased everyone on my block around spraying them with it. To this day I can't recall whether I actually pissed in it or just filled it up with diluted apple juice and said it was piss....
I have used AIM anonymously to trick people into thinking I was someone else.

One time I pretended to be this cool kid, and I syked this follower into leaving $400 in a paper bag by some bushes. I took it and never messages him pulled the wool over his eyes again. To this day, that follower still thinks he was being cool with the cool kid wink wink

I made a fat kid cry once, and kept at it during the whole school day. The whole school saw what happened. I made sure everyone knew he was crying that day and observed him in the act. But he deserved it

I have mentioned this before. I was involved in two fights the first year in a brand new town. They were both mismatches as I come from a rougher enviro. Anyways they both clearly were ready to give up, but I decided to just keep pouring it on. I teased them about it for a few days too. Again, they both deserved it, as they were the big bad bullies of that town.
Put a cigarette butt in a mans drink in the pub because he was annoying me,put chilli sauce in my mums lemonade,spat in my teachers coffee.I'm a bad boy.
i threw a hamburger at a guy when his car was broken down on the side of the freeway.
I left the toilet seat up on purpose because the misses made me miss my favorite part in a movie.

Why is that the biggest pet peeve for women? I dont lift the seat. I just piss with it down. If I sprinkle when I tinkle, I won't be a sweetie and wipe the seatie.
Hey, I can't get yelled at for leaving it up, right?
Someone needs to really fess up to get this going.
I just massacred hundreds of heavily armed and armored men. It was glorious. Yes, I got away with it.
On the subject of piss . . . I have a terrible habit of peeing in cups and bottles. I also drink a lot of tea (which is why there are so many cups around). You know where this is going. The other night I had a cup of green tea. Finished it, apparently pissed in the cup, and forgot. Took a sip. No big deal. Actually tasted interesting.
I stole $20 from a friend when I was about 12, and I've masturbated approx. 6570 times. How many hail marys do I owe you?
i threw a hamburger at a guy when his car was broken down on the side of the freeway.

Not really that bad imo; if the guy was homeless, society would view what you did as feeding the homeless. You would be awarded community service hours. Same rationalization I used to justify throwing conch fritters at road workers on my way home from the Keys a few years ago.