Guys, congratulate me.........


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Apr 8, 2002
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.........yesterday I had my first win with a clean KO (boxing). Sure, I won some fights before, but winning with a KO feels prety special......
You can compare it with sex. When you cum first, it's too bad for the girl, but you still win on points (althought you musn't cum too early....). Ko-ing someone, is like you and your girl having an orgasm at the same time. Rare, but good!!!!
i don`t really get the reference between sex and box but anyway congratulations for your first Kayo.
Congrats man. I know how ya feel, as that's how I felt when I started squatting over 3 plates when in high school. Ya feel like king shit. :D
congrats i know the feeling. first guy i knocked out in a fight(mma w gloves training/ sparing) i just knew i knocked him out the second my hand hit his chin.
good shit. u box ameturers or pros either way thats awesome dude
well done bro! The sex analogy is not really sensical, but well done any way.

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congratulations, one of the best feelings in the world is knocking someone on their ass, especially in a case of revenge.
you have reached the pinnacle of life, everything from now on will just be dissapointment, you might as well kill yourself

So what's the sex analogy to getting KOed?
Congrats Bro! Not much with the analogies but at least you can throw a punch right.;)
Good Job but one day You will get KO your self everybody has to lose sometime but if your Rickson Gracie You don't need to worry about anything.
Sex is peanuts compared to owning your opponent in sports or making solid amounts of $$$$. The mental satisfaction of victory, physical or monetary, is at a level above the sensual pleasure of sexual intercourse.