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Jan 17, 2008
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I just caught the Gary Stark fight last night, the rematch with the guy who knocked him out last year. What a joke. I used to be a big boxing fan, but kinda lost interest over the years. I think this is why. Stark got whooped, but somehow the judges gave him a UD. The announcers all had the fight for the other guy big, then after the announcement didn't really disagree with the decision. Then Stark's acting like he won easily, even though his eye was completely shut.

So, the question for the boxing fans here; does Gary Stark really think he won, or was he in on the scam? This might border on fighter bashing, but doesn't boxing just have too many of these style over substance fighters? Boxing's all about hype now.

... end of rant ...
I saw this fight on HDNET yesterday, and you are correct it was a fucking ROBBERY!!! The only thing more disgusting than the decision was Starks himself after the fight. The way he was talking you'd have thought that he was the other guy. There is absolutely no validation in that decision as Starks got his ass kicked about as badly as humanly possible in a boxing fight and got the benefit of a ROBBERY! I had Starks losing 97-93. Starks was getting destroyed (his eye was probably the worst I've ever seen in a fight) and it was so obvious that Starks was getting outlanded and with much bigger shots as his opponent had power and Starks hits like a 97 year old woman. That fight is ridiculous and I hope that Gary Starks Jr never fights again, cuz he sucks
Did anyone view this boxing match? I am not an avid boxing watcher but I thought I knew enough about it to tell who wins a fight. When they said Stark by UNANIMOUS decision I (and the people I watched it with) were blown away. Stark did no real damage, didn't work well, and got tooled for 7 or so rounds. He couldn't even see out of his right eyer. First time poster in the boxing section so if this is a worn out subject, I am sorry.
Gary just talks big for the recognition. He's really a funny and humble guy in person.