Francis needs the second fury fight. Who can he win against to get this fight? Francis should never fight MMA again unless it is against Jones.

Leon Edwards

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Aug 21, 2022
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Fury Vs Francis 2 would be a good fight. Fury can redeem himself and Frank can get paid.

Who can Francis beat to get the second fury fight? Wilder? Ortiz? Whyte? Wallin?

If Francis loses in MMA against anyone not names Jones it is not worth it as it puts the Jones fight out of reach.
Ngannou cannot beat any boxer whose name we’ve heard about. All the guys you mentioned would whoop his ass.
While theres a chance Fury might give Francis this fight to prove it was a fluke he doesn't need to give it to Francis. And theres nothing Francis can do in the ring to force Tyson to give Francis that fight. Thats where Francis kinda made a boo boo talking shit to Fury.

The Jones fight is already out of reach for non MMA logistical reasons we've all beaten to death. Its just not going to happen because they will never be on the same roster ever again.
That just makes no fuckin' sense.