Does Leonard Garcia get cut if he loses this weekend?


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Nov 14, 2012
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Lost 3 in a row...really 5 in a row if you ask me. Does he deserve to stay if he doesn't get the W?
No way. He may not be the best fighter but he always has exciting fights.
No, if he loses they will probably reschedule the fight against mckenzie and the loser of that will get cut
good chance, very few fighters can get a 4 loss passespecially when his wins were questionable
i dont know

i'll say this though: I dont look forward to watching his fights anymore.

I've REALLY grown out of his unpolished reckless style, and unless he himself gets finished, it almost feels like his fight results are predetermined.

It's like "oh, well, Leonard Garcia is fighting, if it goes to the cards, there's a solid 75% chance he's going to win"

it's sad that judges show little regard for technique but major regard for aggressiveness, whether it's effective or not.
even if he's cut, I expect to hear his name announced winning a SD or UD from time to time after some UFC fights at FW or BW
More like when he loses. Holloway is an animal. Could you imagine preparing for Cody McKenzie and then you get Holloway stepping in.. :icon_surp
I think he will then he will go to Bellator.
he's going to lose. and hopefully get cut. he's a sloppy fighter with no actual talent.
You know what's sad? You could literally argue he's lost his last 10 fights lol Leonard Garcia does not belong in the UFC or even Bellator for that matter..
I hope he doesn't get cut. I'll never want a man to lose his job. I'm not sure why some of you are asking for him to get cut, is the fact that he keeps his job going to kill you or something? He always puts on exciting fights, the UFC should keep him for as long as they can.
I hope so. Nothing about the guy's fighting style really excites me, surely they could find another guy more worthy of being in the UFC to fill his shoes.
When he loses, he won't get cut be he should. He is likely the worst fighter in the UFC.
Garcia should have a job for life. I don't care if he losses 20 in a row, he's all heart and brings it.

When he loses, he won't get cut be he should. He is likely the worst fighter in the UFC.

for some odd reason i thought this is about cocaine...