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Do you have to be a badass to wear this type of Gi?

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Sep 2, 2002
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I'm not talking about the make of gi but the style, ie the gameness gi with a MASSIVE patch on the back, or a black ninja style keiko raca gi, or the bright red gi's.

is it an unwritten rule that you have to be at least slightly badass before you can wear these?

does anyone here wear a pimped out gi and if so, are you a badass?




I want a black gi. It makes me look thinner.

But yeah, I
I suck, but bought the exact same blue gameness Gi. The reason I bought it was I figured it was better quality, and would last longer. I dont like the gi, and the pants have shredded on me already. I recently bought an Atama, and freakin love it, much better.
I wouldn't say you have to be badass... it's more the color of the gi than it is the patches on it that would be questionable. For example, in my class, you generally wear white or blue gis until you're a relatively respectable rank, or a blackbelt in something. Our instructor wears black and red gi's and such, white, whatever.

As for me, I wear a blue Atama single weave and a white Atama mundials gi with a nice Marcus Soares Competition Team patch on the back. Nothing rediculously flashy.
I think the pimped out gi's are mostly aimed at the wanna-be's out there who take a few classes here and there and hope to impress people (especially people who don't know anything about BJJ) with their tough-looking gi's. You know...make it look like their some kind of sponsored professional fighter or something. It's not like this is a NASCAR race...
Your skills and how you do on the mat are all that matter. I personally go for the plainest look around.
But, to each his own...IMHO, if you're pretty much a beginner, I'd stay away from the flashy gi's.
What really matters is the belt you wear. I have a white gi, my friend has a black one. Some guys in the club wear blue ones. The gi itself doesn't show how good you are. Your skills do. And the belt is used to show how much you know/how good you are. Large patches and stuff never existed before. Nor did coloured gi's. There used to be only white gi's. And the belt was what showed people "who you were". So buy whichever gi you want. I recommend Atama. Personally I have an Royce Gracie Atama gi.
I buy the gi's that are the best quality. It has nothing to do with looks. I dont have ne patches except one serra brother patch on the back to represent my school
A few people at my school have that same exact blue Gameness.
well you will usually have your school patch on the back so it's not a big deal. Besides who cares what color your gi is? BJJ is not karate or judo, wear what you want. And if guys in your gym have nothing better to do than gossip about what you are wearing like teenage schoolgirls; then it's their problem- not yours.
I have a pimped out gi. I don't know if I'm a badass or anything. I do ok in competition...
My first GI was a black one. I still have it and use it. Its a smoke gray now tho.
for some reason i find it funny that gene has his name written on his belt.
Enron Exec. said:
My first GI was a black one. I still have it and use it. Its a smoke gray now tho.
Yeah the blue side of my sombo jacket is now almost grey from being washed twice a week for four years (still holding together nicely though so I'm kind of impressed).
My gi is the natural gi, the only one at the school. I got some shit at first, and some of the girls liked the tan color, but I paid $50 for a gi that is just as strong and durable as their flashy ones and don't really care. If I had the money, I would buy a red one.

As a joke, when I get ready to get rid of my old gi, I think I am going to cover as much of it as I can with patches, most of which will have nothing to do with BJJ.
batman69 said:
for some reason i find it funny that gene has his name written on his belt.

For some reason, I find that whole picture funny...
Gene looks like he's been punched in the nose more than once.
I think constant crossfacing will do that to your schnoz.
I have a Black Gameness with my teams patch on the back, a Blue Krugans with my teams patch on the back and a white V&M with the v&m patches and i'm no badass - i just like the Gi.

Wear what you want - at the end of the day it's your training that matters