Do you have to be a badass to wear this type of Gi?

I have an atama I want to put a shitload of patches on it even though I am a total n00b.
i got one of those jacare gis, i like it, ites white with black lapels and black pants
Yeah, I'd say go with a white gi for starters. You don't want to make yourself a target by looking like some weekend warrior or rich kid. Then again, if you can look good wearing it, go ahead!
In the end, it really doesn't matter.
I'm just starting out again, so I'm one of the least skilled at my school. I just got a Koral gi, the one in the picture actually (except mine's white). I don't really care as much about what the gi looks like, I got it because someone was selling it for $85 brand new.
I don't think you have to be a badass to wear a gi with a ton of patches, but if I'd have paid $150 for my Koral gi while I'm still new, I could see why it might seem like I'm trying to look like a badass. :)
i always made it a point to dominate the kids who came to wrestling practice with 150$ shoes when they havent wrestled a day before in their life.

my 40$ addias were always good enough for takin care of business.
Moving Shadow said:
I'm not talking about the make of gi but the style, ie the gameness gi with a MASSIVE patch on the back, or a black ninja style keiko raca gi, or the bright red gi's.

is it an unwritten rule that you have to be at least slightly badass before you can wear these?


does anyone here wear a pimped out gi and if so, are you a badass?

I own the blue Gameness gi in your photo. I purchased as a beginner because I read it was the best gi for the money. Deep down I will admit to feeling silly showing up at class the first few times. I repressed it though - because I knew if I went into BJJ worrying about what other people think (or having to represent) I wasn't going to have fun or learn to grapple.

In hindsignt, I think my limited concern about the gi was little to do about nothing. Nobody was judging me by what gi I was wearing. How petty.

If you give a shit about what the other guy's gi looks like maybe BJJ isn't for you. On a related noted, I didn't start getting fancy with my gis till I was a blue belt.
I just get a gi for it's comfort, then put on patches from my academy and sponsors. I think that's way more badass than wearing some pre-sewn-by-company gi.
I want a white and silver gi. It makes me look like Elvis.
I have a blue gi with no patches, and that's as fancy as I get. I guess I am kind of a badass, though, because I was doing the math the other day, and I figure I can probably beat up more than 90% of people on earth, if you count women, children, and the elderly.

Seriously, though. I guess it's just common sense that you'd wait til you've got some "cred" before pimping out your gi. I've heard some guys say as much at the gym.

It's funny when I see these guys walking around with tons of patches on their gis...I expect em to say Dead Kennedys or something.
My first gi was 5 bucks on ebay. However, it is a little too small (size 3 Akido gi). It actually feels tighter even though I lost weight. I only wash it in cold water. Then I received a second from school as part of my tutition for Jiu Jitsu class (yes, I get a credit for it). It is too big for a judogi even after several hot-water washings (size 4). I don't care about looks: just show me one that fits right...
I have that same exact Keiko Raca you have pictured. Fits like a giant cloth body glove. Oh, and I'm a 4-stripe white, but in my school that never really mattered.
Before I started training I thought the patches were ridiculous. But after training for a few months I found myself in a GrapplerGear gi (i.e., patch city). I loved the fit and ended up getting a Gameness because it fits similarly.

It's no big deal at my academy. We've got a couple of white belts rolling around in black gis ...

Red, though, seems like crossing a line though. Personally I didn't even want to wear a blue gi until I got my blue belt. But then I fell into a blue Ouano single (they were out of white and I couldn't wait ...)
the most badass looking gis are the old faded ones, no matter what color or how many patches they have. worn out patches are sweet looking. this look is earned, not purchased. on that note, i have a white gi (KF) and a blue gi (atama). They are plain and they fit a little too tight. It's good to have a white and a blue gi for competitions, because if you show up and everybody in your division has one color, you can wear the other and never have to wear that stupid extra belt they give you.

I have a white rednose gi, and it has too much shit on it, IMHO
Stoic1 said:
Gene looks like he's been punched in the nose more than once.

Nah, Gene just blocks punches with his nose. Old school pink gi judo stuff.
Long live Gene Lebell!

On topic: I didn't start wearing my $120 Mizuno gi on a regular basis until I had 5 years in the business, even though I had the gi for a couple years. I was embaressed honestly to show up in a pimped out bling-bling gi when the guy in the e-bay $20 gi could tap me out in under 30 seconds. I kinda wanted to be at least semi-good first. Shit, when you're good, you can wear whatever kind of gi you want. Gene's pink gi:

Ive got a black Sirius and want an olive green Koral when I get a blue belt
ColClaypool said:
I suck, but bought the exact same blue gameness Gi. The reason I bought it was I figured it was better quality, and would last longer. I dont like the gi, and the pants have shredded on me already. I recently bought an Atama, and freakin love it, much better.

I love my Atama gi. I've had it for years now and it is still as good as new. Fits fucking perfectly too.

It's blue, without the flags.
I wear a black gameness gi. It works great and has held up well. I really don't give a flying fuck about the color and neither should anyone else.