Do I look like I'm on roids???



Somebody said this about my avatar picture, and it's kinda pissed me off. So far I've been told that I look like I'm on roids, and that I'm gay. Half of that is what I'm going for with that look, but DAMN. Roids? Kinda fucked up, considering that from what I've read, 90% of the guys on here drawf me!
I don't know how a person can make a judgment like that from a 100 x 75 pixel image with most of your body not showing and with a t-shirt on.:confused:
Thanks, fellas.

As for fighting, I mix it up in the bars, and take some Carlson Gracie JJ. I spend a lot of time in the gym, but I've read some poster's stats on the strength board, and I don't even hold a candle to the sun. Trust me. There's some huge mofrakkies out there.

I wanted to post a few more pictures of myself, both in civies and when training, but I can't shrink them to fit them on the board. If I do, they're like..........soooo small.
Dude, if it is any consolation, I thought you looked kinda small, more like a runner/triathlete look moreso than a roided BBer.

i will always think of you as a little guy with a big finger in the air!
This guy looks like he's juicin!
I get roid comments at work.... I got them from one of my bosses once who used to say that shit behind my back. Just because he knew me before, during and after I started weight training.

It's fucked because you can't wail on their asses because people think you're having a roid rage. So you gotta sit there and smile through the shit.

- The Jake
I was getting flack at work, but here I'm allowed to monkey stomp people. =)
sadly and as you know by know everytime you post a picture of yourself someone it`s gonna made shoot on anyway yourn`t on roid so don`t pay attention.
Fuck it, I have heard it for years, and I don't think I am that big, but am use to it now so no big deal
Now if you looked like this, I would start to wonder RangerFTL...

I know that pic#3, Greg Kovacs, does do roids because he admitted it in a bodybuilding magazine I read a while back.
They all look pretty normal to me!!!
Ronnie Coleman is HUGE.
Seriously...a freak of nature. And human chemical designs. hehe