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Dana White offers fired employee a new job

Dana gonna give her the ole backroom bonus.
Be ready for some new Thicc ring girls fellas

He's going to molest her
Hire her to beat the shit out of Jeff Novitzky
After watching that clip I feel she has more of a right to a title shot than Conor has if he beats Cowboy.
Put her in one of those burgundy suits and watch there be no more incidents in the cage. Even Khabib respect to this woman.
She looks like she's played a game of football or two
She gets to be Brendan Fitzgerald's body guard starting at $9.01 an hour.
I worked for a Safeway in a bad part of Sacramento in my late teens. I stopped a shoplifter just past the registered and told him to give back the cigarette carton he had stolen in his sweat top. He took a hugely telegraphed swing at me. I bobbed back, let the fist miss and double legged him to the ground. As he hit the ground he turned sideways and bloodied his nose. He sued the store and they settled for $5K. Apparently, my young ass didn't know you have to let them get out of the store. It's not shoplifting (officially) until then, much like this video. I got a lecture, but it wasn't like it is today where a person loses their job while standing up for the hand that feeds them.
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6 months of TDD and she will be a champ. Ain't no one steal dem belts from her.