Cain Velasquez responds to Tyson Fury's challenge to fight

I agree.

Absolutely the perfect answer.
Had to check that Tyson Fury was his real name. Shit sounds like something from a video game.
^^ damn there's a forth season coming in may!

haha nice.. makes that boxer fool look like a chump
Tyson Fury is the biggest thing in british boxing right now.. i seen some of fights and he throws down, undefeated big guy who will probably fight Vital within 18 months. he is good on the mic too.

he would get beat easily in UFC if he doesnt learn lots of wrestling etc etc.
Nice response by Cain.

As much as this "hardworking mexican" persona is hammed up by the UFC, he really is a mature, down-to-earth, mild mannered guy who presents himself well and does not speak out of turn or let his ego get in front of making a fair statement.

Good representation for the sport.
Tyson Fury is a joke for opening his mouth and Cain treated him as such, well done
Good for Cain for not playing into this silly little game!
Not a big Cain fan, but took a step in that direction with his last fight and now this. Seems like a classy guy who knows how to handle himself. Hell of a fighter too.
Boxers calling out MMA fighters is like MMA constantly trying to put down boxing. It's fucking stupid. You get dumbasses like Fury and Toney who get all, "durrrr dur durrrr I'm gonna KO him!!!" and then you get dumbshit MMA just bleed idiots who are like, "durrrr durrr durrr Boxing is dead! Blah blah blah"