Bisping on Belfort: "He's a cheater"

Winston Wolf

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Apr 11, 2012
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On Vitor calling him a "hooligan":
I was very surprised. I have a lot of respect for Vitor, he's a former UFC tournament winner and a former light-heavyweight champion and one day he'll be in the Hall of Fame. I train at the gym where his sponsors work [?] and that's not a problem, so I thought we were going to be respectful to each other, but we were in Brazil talking to the press in separate rooms and I heard from brazilian press that he had called me a hooligan. I was being respectful and, for him to call me a hooligan, when all of his biggest wins in the UFC came from illegal shots to the back of the head... He is a cheater. He's been hitting people in the back of the head for years and I'm training to defend myself exactly from that, because I know he's gonna try that again.

On his respect for Belfort:

What made me lose respect for Vitor was the fact that, after he insulted me behind my back, he sent me a text message telling me he didn't mean that and even wrote a 'LOL' and put some smileys in the text. At least admit to what you've said about me, you're a grown man. We're not friends, we're not school mates, so stick your text messages up your ass.

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Vitor did what great fighters like Crocop, Bisping, and Leben could not, win a UFC title.
Yea and kneeing downed opponents and spitting on corner men is completely ok.
Hold up...Bisping is turning up the heat on promoting a fight as we get close? I'm shocked.
We're not friends, we're not school mates, so stick your text messages up your arse.


also, vitor is probably just trying to sell the fight. i imagine bisping is doing the same thing with this interview. whatever. takes one to know one :icon_lol:
Bisping has a point...try asking Akiyama and Rich Franklin for example
I actually like Bisping, dude is funny. With that said I'm certain Mr. Belfort stops him in the 1st round. Unless he breaks his hand/s again since that seems to be his new trend.

A Bisping win does make Anderson defend this year and could set up Anderson vs GSP by years end.
I root for Bisping because he is british, but he really is a Chael Sonnen wannabe and cannot pull it off nearly as well.
Bisping's contradicting himself here, and even as a fan its bollocks. Hes the king of trashtalking to hype fights, why didnt he just take from the text "Fairplay, Vitor's just trashing me to hype the fight, he's joking about"?

He's hyping the fight in his own way though I guess, he's getting KO'd though!
hes trainin to defend himself against shots to the back of the head? i wonder how that looks like
bisping promoting his fight causes shrills from all the crybabies on sherdog