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Jul 4, 2005
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does anyone know where i can find a mouthpiece lik arlovski's
There is one similar but not quite the same at this is the one i have. I searched for the same one as Arlovski wears for ages but didnt find It. I settled for this opro one and it is a very good gumshield in my opinion anyway.
Please search. It's been asked at least once a month.

Your three choices for custom fitted guards are basicly:


The poster above mentioned the Opro version. Biteme and Gladiator both have reps on this forum. Both offer customization options. I know Biteme gets a lot of orders on the Arlovski type of guard and has a couple of options for them as well. There should be pics of all three company's guards as well in this section.
Andrei Arlovski got his from BiteMe which is a very popular and recommended company.

Joe from BiteMe has just recently started posting here. As mentioned above, Gladiator and OPro are other popular choices.
so does anyone have a link where i can click it and it will bring me right to the mouightguards
lunchbox57 said:
what the hell did u just say

He said look at the above post, the link is there that will take you to biteme's site.
Pm me whoever needs the mouthguards, and next time use the damn search function. Unbelievable.
Does biteme actually sell a complete replica of Arlovski's mouthpiece? All the copies I have seen are pretty lame.
Just the ones on Opro's site and a few others posted on this forum.
The biggest with the OPros stylistically wise is that unless you're making a huge order there's a big fat "OPro" on the front. Someone actually posted a picture of their OPro fangs awhile ago. Do a search, I cbf, at work.....
hi, the biteme link doesnt work, is the site still up and what is gladiators webpage?