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Apr 19, 2011
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Just wanted to get this out here. I will do proper editing in a bit. :) I can't believe this is up to 4.0 the last one blew up at the end. I will be waiting patiently for blitzs header.
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Reposting my question from last

Be careful you may get a scratch or a cat may hiss at you too.
I think in going to start 4.0 since this one is only a few posts away from being locked.

Whats the score as far as Cheetah's mauling a grown man? Happen much at all if any?

Ill see what I can do about a good header for your new thread. :)
Hi Gabe, I'm a big fan. Can I shove a hedgehog up my ass, and what would happen when I tried to get it out?
Any rare footage of extinct animals from back in the day? Like dodo birds?
They could be capable of doing some damage but as far as cats go i would want to tangle with them before any other.

I remember reading about that actually :p

Yeah, I never thought of them as the tough cat. Saw some pictures of what even just a bob cat did to some guy and I may want to tangle with a Cheetah before a Bob Cat.

Though the Bob Cat was Rabid they believe as they usually try to stay away from people and this one went after them.
Some cool articles from last thread but wanted to bring them over.

This graphic represents cattle loss in 2011 I believe, wolves account for .2% of all losses yet one of the main reasons people want to hunt them is they are eating all the cows.

This article talks about the origins of venom, it's not perfect as it includes a newt which is poisonous as opposed to venomous but still has good stuff.
Those are my favorite animals. Too bad they are endangered. I remember reading in some region of Brazil the melanistic jaguars grow as big as lions. I think I also read they have the most powerful bite of all the cats?
Hey Gabe,
I read that Hyenas are more closely related to felines than canines. Can you expand on that a little, if true?