Your Favorite Artwork ?

Ed Banger

Purple Belt
May 22, 2008
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I'll be moving into my own apartment soon and I plan to decorate it nicely... I stumbled upon this artwork called "Imaginary Foundation" and it just blew me away.






Who are your favorite artists or styles?
The art style for the film MirrorMask is my all time favorite

By that I mean the style of the main character's art. The way she draws.
One of my favorites.

Tomasz Daniłowicz

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

That behemoth cd is amazing all time fave for sure, love the way the sun looks.
Also the blackening has great artwork
Rembrandt. His paintings must be seen, he was truly a master among the masters. Go the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, good stuff...

Vermeer is a master painter too. I saw the painting of the image below a couple years ago at the Vancouver Art Gallery, when this was on tour, the details are sick... there's this subtle gloss of perspiration on the young mans face... just pure mastery of painting... it's tough to explain but it needs to be seen to appreciated.
Otto Dix has really cool Great War/WW2 topical stuff.

"This mutilated veteran is a pitiful character. The war has taken limbs and vision. His deformities are highly visible yet the only attention he draws is from a Daschund who pees on his stumps."


"The Nazis achieved power in 1933 and immediately placed the country on a war footing. Industry began to produce armaments and anti-war voices were quickly silenced. Dix was stipped of his post at Dresden and several of his painting were placed in Reflections of Decadence, an anti-exhibition of modern art. Dix responded with this painting which depicts the waste of Flanders. The dead float in stagnant water while the living resemble rotted stumps. A beautiful sunset sinks below the Allied lines."


"Along Prague Street, deformed men beg for money and attention. A woman in a tight pink dress has no time for them. The Nationalists do. Beside one veteran is a pamphlet entitled, "Jews Out!" The Nazis were not yet a National movement but one of their basic tenets was beginning to disseminate."


War Tryptich