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wrist and knuckle pain


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Feb 15, 2005
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New to boxing, been 3 times now. And from the last time. I have terrible wrist and knuckle pain. I
Dude..your not wrapping tight enough..trust me..Have someone show you how to do it..There are plenty of small bones in your wrist and hand you can easily break so I suggest learning this quickly!!
By the way..Wait until the pain goes away..Heal up before you do more damage
Thanks for the response,

Does anybody know that if supplements such as glucosamine/chrondoitin or cod liver oil really works long term, and if so which one would you recommend. Also would using sparring gloves (12 oz) be better than using bag gloves??
Sounds like you could be a) punching wrong, b) not wrapping properly, or c) all of the above. You and/or one of your trainers may also be trying to push you too far, too fast; you gotta ease up and get your technique down before you try and start laying into the bag or the mitts really hard.
Sounds like you are doing EVERYTHING wrong dude. You need to back off hitting so much when you just started (you need time to learn proper technique/get your hands used to the impact), learn how to wrap your hands right (a MUST), get better gloves (I recommend 16 oz sparring gloves), and dinally make sure to adequately rest and recover before going again.

Otherwise you risk having your time boxing be very, very short, and damaging your hands and wrists permanently. Taking care of your hands/elbows/wrists is crucial if you want to box hard.

Good luck man! Train safe!
Sorry i forgot to mention. i use 12 oz gloves (lonsdale) [i cant afford to buy a 16 oz now] and i wrap well, at least i think i do. i've been shown how to wrap by my coach, but i prefer to use one of wraps fpund in: http://www.boxinggyms.com/tips/handwraps.htm, espically the ribbon method where you wrap inbetwen the fingers.
Err... I hate throwing the left hook with the back of the hand facing the ceiling. I'm betting you that's what hurt your wrist.

Try taping up your wrist, or wrapping it, when you're not at the gym. Just when you're around the house, and when you're sleeping. Keep it as stiff as possible. If I ever hurt my wrist, I use this trick, and within 2 days it usually feels 100% better.

If I were you, though, I'd get that topical cream.
what every one said here + work your wrists with kettlebells to strength them
I gotta agree with working on your technique and stop trying to hit so hard. You will have plenty of time to hit hard, work on the correct basics/techniques first. Once you got them down it shouldn't bother you as much. Also like it was said, have them show you how to wrap properly, that will prevent a lot of the pain.
Flip it man, it looks like am gonna have to take at least 2-3 weeks off. It sucks! I