Who wins? Mendes vs. KZ

Scott Lawlor

Jun 28, 2012
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I think the fight is the only one that makes sense for both guys seeing as Aldo, Edgar, Koch, Lamas, Swanson & Siver are booked.

If it happened maybe in the spring when KZ returns from his injury who do you think would win?
Mendez. But KZ has earned a shot. Just let him go straight to a title fight.
I think Mendes wins it convincingly, I haven't climbed aboard the KZ hype train.
People still count out KZ. Pretty easy fight to call on this one KZ all day Mendes has no chance of finishing KZ
Mendes could possibly hold him down but striking and submissions I give to Korean Zombie
Mendez is mediocre at best, KZ would KO him.
mendes has only ko'd 2 people with terrible stand up, the rest he laid on, and got ko'd by aldo in the first round.

why would mendes even be considered for a fight with kz? does anyone want to see mendes vs aldo again? kz vs aldo would at least be interesting.
Would be screaming my ass off for KZ, nothing really against Mendes.. Just bigger fan of Jung.