Who else is feeling excited about 2013?


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Jun 29, 2005
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Man, I have had a rough 5 years, lol. I'm only 23 and since right after the beginning of 2008 things have been DIFFICULT for me. Each year something new happened, I had another back surgery, I had another kind of health problem pop up, I had problems with a medication pop up - just any and every kind of problem that could happen seemed to happen at the most inopportune time.

Now, after what might have been the most grueling 4 or 5 months of the entire past 5 years, I'm turning the corner. Things are getting better. I'm getting better. My life is getting better. Everyone around me is getting better. It's so awesome to see and hear; for almost 2 weeks I was hearing from a different friend every day about how well they were doing in their life. Everyone seems to be either turning the same corner I am right now and starting to enjoy and improve their lives, or if they haven't had many struggles they're doing better than ever. Their success has only increased and seems to be increasing exponentially.

I really feel blessed right now. It feels like something special is happening in my life and in the lives of those around me and I gotta say for the first time maybe ever I am really excited for the New Year. I'm just pumped up, ready to rock. This is gonna be an amazing year, and I'm grateful for the experiences I've had leading up to this no matter how negative they may have felt at the time.

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Man im so hyped for 2013 from a business stand point, this should be an amazing year for me financially as long as im alive
2012 has sucked for me so it can only get better

good luck everyone
Looking forward to the first orgasm of 2013.
Thanks Destructive!

MajinSaga I want Diaz for WW Champ but also Overeem for HW!

HendoTheGoat I had a terrible year too, lol! 2012 could be looked at as the worst year of my life. It just turned around recently after seemingly getting significantly worse (the whole darkest before dawn idea really applies here). Good things can happen when you least expect them, but will be more likely if you do expect them! hahaha :D

Good times!
I'm optimistic about the new year for sure. At my age the years are starting to blend together a bit though so you should probably disregard anything i sa....where did i leave my slippers....?
Hope you have a good year and things keep getting better
Hope you have a good year and things keep getting better

Thanks, you too.

BOXINGMMAFREAK, that sounds awesome.

2012 was a down year for teh 209 but Diaz is getting off suspension and the man with the Stockton Slap is coming back with full force! WAR DIAZ!
I as well am excited for 2013. For some reason, these past few weeks, I have been dwelling on the past much less. I even try to think about past social issues, but the thoughts dont seem to be able to stick and quickly dissapear.

I feel I am living in the moment more. I am not sure why. All I can tell is that I have been eating more carbs

But yes I am looking forward to 2013 now. I have this renewed sense of well being I have not felt in a long time, and am hoping this will urge me onto new heights.