Who drinks Bacardi Silver???


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Dec 18, 2001
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Try it....




U wont regret it! :p
The hell you wont. Does that taste like mikes or all other suger filled drinks? That crap gives me hangovers like crazy and we wont even talk about the poops!
I tried to play power hour... (drink acouple shots ever min for a hour) with stuff like that and it gave me killer heart burn. That and only brown suger cinnamon pop tarts give me that, dam things And im not talking the cheap ones... im talking kelloggs mother fucker! thats right Kelloggs! :mad:
We call those drinks panty droppers. Bitches are pretty weak when it comes to drinking beer or liquor but they all swarm over this shit cause it tastes like kool aid. Well before you know it panties are on the floor. Hence panty droppers.
They taste pretty good and i'll drink 1 or 2 at a party usually because a girl will ask me to hold their drink while they visit the head and when they get back its gone. If I drink alot of them i'm on the toilet with the runs all the next day. I think its because all the fruit juice.
Originally posted by ShootoKing
Kool shit.... what's your fav kind of drinks??
I love beer but im a big fan of Sam Adams Summer brew! how about yourself?
For hard stuff, i would have to say fire water or maby even JD
About favorite drinks, i assume you mean mixed drinks, i like long island ice tea because they taste good and pack a punch. cranberry kamikazes, tequilla sunrise, margaritas, rum and coke, and 7/7 are my personal favs. But I usually stick with the brew, Newcastle, Sierra Nevada, Bloddingtons, St. Paulies Girl, and Mt. St Helena pale ale are the best. I also like whiskey, vodka, and bourban straight.
I really should lay off the Goldschlager.
Indeed... i'm a Mixed Drink kind of guy. IMO, beer is nasty!!

-Sex on the Beach
-Pina Colada
-Strawberry Daiquiri
-Midori Sour
-Cranberry Vodka
-Blue Hawaii
-Mai Tai

Stuff like that.....
You can't forget mudslides. A milk shake that gets you drunk. You can't beat that.
I'm not really fussy about what i drink, except for Cointreau and Gin i'll chug anything.

if i choose its normally:
Stella Artois
Jack Daniels
Glen Morangie
Alize is pretty strong for my taste. In fact, i cant really handle "hards" straight up.

Tequila, Rum, Vodka, Gin.... hell no!!!! Gotta be mixed with something. BTW, Coronas suck!!!!
are all you boys mixed drink lovers?
Im i the only beer man?
Sure jack and coke is good... but it will never beat a good cold beer!
Hamie... what kind of beer??? Ever tried Heini... Gordon Bierch? Bud light and Coors light are fuckin ICE WATER!!!!!
Stella Artois is kick ass belgian beer....
Originally posted by ShootoKing
Hamie... what kind of beer??? Ever tried Heini... Gordon Bierch? Bud light and Coors light are fuckin ICE WATER!!!!!

Cant say i have bro!
Im a big fan of Sam Adams, Mickys (malt) and Petes wicked strawberry blonde!
And agreed... all light beers suck!