what would you do if your neighbor kicked your dog really hard?

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May 23, 2007
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Let's say you have a dog and he wanders over to your neighbor's front yard to play, not causing any ruckus or harm, then your neighbor kicks your dog as if it were a football.

Now I know it's the fault of the owner for not watching his dog, but that kind of physical abuse is not necessary.
I'd tell my neighbor to fuck off and get my dog a leash or build a fence of some kind.
So did this happen or not?
Probably kick him back. Really fuckin hard.
Touch him with teh jab, obviously.
I would

I'll tell u what I did in a similar situation:

I was chillin nearby my high school and there is this little kitten wandering around. It was a stray animal I believe. Some douschebag is passing by and he kicks the little kitten exactly as if it were a football. I gave him a 3-6 combo before both of us knew what the f happened.

Cruelty to animals is totally unnecessary

Hopefully your neighbor isn't Mark Hunt though and falls down.
What's the whole story though?

Is the neighbor a dick?

Has he told your friend to keep his dog off his property before?
Depends. If asked to keep the dog on your lawn before but it continously happens I feel the neighbor has the right to remove the dog from said property. Not necessarily kick it,
I don't live next to trash and I fenced in my yard. I can't relate.
Really depends on why he kicked the dog. If he did it because he thought it would be funny, then you kick him in retaliation, repeatedly. If he did it because the dog was getting rough/attacking his child, then you scold the dog and apologize to the neighbor.
not enough details to answer, but honestly my dog would probably be able to handle my neighbor... and being the only witness, clearly the neighbor attacked me and my hero dog chased him off and attacked him in his own yard to save my life.