What position do you hate to be in.



I know that almost everyone has one position that they have a hard time getting out of.

I can buck myself out of being mounted, I can shrimp and get out of sidemount and half guard, but when someone gets a tight kesa gatame (scarf hold) I'm in for a horrible time.

What about you guys?
I also have a very hard time with the scarf hold. But my worst position is when someone takes my back
Scarf hold and north south are the two most difficult to get out of.
north south i don't care, but being sidemounted by somebody who knows how to do is and weighs like 50-60 kg more (me 70-75, he 120-30) just SUXX. sometimes manage to catch a leg though.
Personally i hate being backmounted, as I don't train it much.
Knee mount from the bigger dudes, side control from the purple belts (even the small ass ones I can't go nowhere).
Scarf is easy if you are flexible and the other guy is careless, you can take the back.
I hate being mounted though.
I dont mind being mounted, my sweeps are pretty good imo. I hate being in side control or sprawled on...
North/South by a fat guy who insists on keeping his big fat blubber belly on my face. Even when you turn, his gut oozes over your face blocking any air. It is like liquid and fills up any open space that might allow oxygen.
sidemount, but its hard for me to breathe in that position on my chest since ive bruised the sternum like 2-3 times this year
im not so good at escaping side control. Im also pretty bad at turning half guard into full guard, but im working on both.
I got put in the most embarassing spot the other day. A guy had me up against the wall and he spiked me with his head, pinned me down with his hands and did a handstand above me with his feet on the wall. For some reason, I couldn't move. I felt like an idiot.

Generally, side mounted from a good person sucks becuase they can just paste me to the mat.
backmount sidemount and sprawled upon.
Bama Zulu said:
Knee mount from the bigger dudes, side control from the purple belts (even the small ass ones I can't go nowhere).

same for me
I'd say mount, knee on the belly and north/south pretty much suck ass. I am pretty good at not giving my back unless I am setting something up (on Saturday I gave my back to set up a kneebar and a few sweeps), recovering guard from side control or sweeping, taking the back or getting a twister into side control from a scarfhold.

Remember kids, if you fail a shot, sit out to the side and armdrag that motherfucker into the mat. That's how the pros do it.
i hate being mounted the most. you may argue or think that mount is safe from subs and easy to escape, but against someone with a GOOD mount, it's the crappiest position ever. i'd rather give up my back and spin back into top guard than get mounted and held down by a good bjjer/wrestler.
any position where i'm on the bottom (not including people in my guard). worst is back mount when your stomach is flat on the floor