What kind of work out would be good for my goals ?

Mike O'Neil

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Apr 6, 2005
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Ok right now im 5'11 and 260pds pretty bulky but there is a good bit of fat in there to. My goal is to get down to like 225pds within the next 3months. I want to keep all of my muscle and really try and tone up. Now I eat a bowel of ceral for breakfast or a gronala or nutrograin bar or something. For lunch I have a sandwhich on wheat or rye bread mustard no mayo and some fruit. Dinner is what ever my gf fixes nothing to bad with fruit and cottege chesse mixed in there for snacks. I just started this diet this week. As of now I weight train for about an hr a day, high reps low weight and also run a mile on the tread mill or hit the cycle for like 15-20min. Oh I also work a manual labor job for 10hrs a day be4 my workout to. How does this sound and do you think I will get the results that im looking for with this plan. Any help is really appreciated guys
Even though it goes against my usually training and when I'm in shape I have awesome cardio. Cutting out the bread would actually help you lose the fat quicker.

Though when training I find few things better than a turkey sandwich, bread, mustard, turkey and maybe a pickle. Right now I'm trying something slightly different in my diet since I let myself get out of shape for my standards and I'm going to see how cutting out the bread does me. So if you find it crucial or really enjoy the sandwich to the point it keeps you from cheating do not remove it from the diet.

However in short, do your cardio in the morning before eating anything. I recommend High Intensity Interval Training. For cardio and cutting fat. Going to copy and paste my usual run which I posted earlier today.

"Say you are on the treadmill do full incline at max speed for 30 seconds - a minute (depending on what you can) I mean start off running somewhere around there you might need to hold the handle bars though, but do not start the run while holding them. I mean you want to run 'til your legs just won't go anymore and your cardio won't allow you to go. Hold the bars when you reach this point so you don't fall off it and get injured.

All right do one 1min set full incline, max speed. Turn it off, get off the machine
For 30 seconds do plyrometric jumps, forward lunges, pushups, bicycles, or leg raises.

When the 30 seconds is up get back on and run full incline max speed as long as you can. Get off and for 30 seconds choose one of the exercises you did not do (You can do whatever bodyweight exercise you like, those are just suggestions. However I recommend the plyro jumps and forward lunges. I got in awesome condition using those)

Repeat this for 5 or 6 sets, it is best to do right when you wake up in the morning before eating. Be sure to drink atleast a gallon of water a day. Then later in the day you could lift and do more cardio if you want. I am getting back on this program starting today."

For your diet, boiled spaghetti strands, a isolated 100% whey protein shake, canned chicken/tuna with hotsauce, lettuce (and other green vegis), cream of wheat, and oatmeal will do you wonders.

Awesome sources of carbs for energy and non of those cause unnecessary fat gain. Lots of chicken, lots of tuna, and the whey shake so you don't lose much muscle.

Generally you should get the results you want, just look into that cardio workout I posted and maybe slightly alter your diet. Just started back on my fight training diet for breakfast I ate a bowl of cream of wheat (no added sugar) and had a whey protein shake (was between that or canned chicken with hotsauce, I decided I would want the chicken after training) when I got back from the mma gym I had one can of chicken with about half a bottle of habanero sauce, and some cayenne pepper sprinkled on it.

The one thing with your breakfast try having oatmeal or cream of wheat and some good protein. Now if your g/f makes decent dinner just try not to upset her, lol. It'll suck like hell for the first few days but sometimes reaching your goals is painful.
First, get a real weight lifting routine.

Second jog on your lifting days (4 hours separate from your workout if you can. this may mean waking up at the crack of dawn to schedule it) and do HIIT 2-3 times a week... on the road. Fuck that treadmill horse shit.

Third, while some people disagree with me I think you (and everyone) should cut most wheats and enriched flours out of your diet: no pasta, limited breads, etc. Oatmeal and granola, however, are still good in my books. Then remove all proccessed foods and refined sugars (no nutrigrain bars, no sweets).
Now, when you break it down everything you eat should easily fall into one of these categories: fruits, vegies, fish, chicken, eggs, nuts (don't go apeshit with these, as they tend to be fatty. Good fats, but fatty nonetheless) and some dairy (I always reccomend whole fat dairy. reduced fat both tastes bad to me and is harder to digest).