What is with Cigano's new personality?

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Oct 8, 2007
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Recently I get the impression he actually goes out of his way to make a statement towards his opponents.

I don't think he has changed much as a person because of the extremely humble roots he comes from however is he making more 'noise' so to speak because he feels this outspoken character will bring in more PPV buys and subsequently he'll earn more? (The Chael Sonnen effect - nice guy invents new tv persona).
there are journalists/reporters grilling him 24/7... some times he will deviate
You answered your own question correctly. Give yourself an A.
I dont see it. For me he still the same. He always has been a very confident fighter, but Ive never seen he disrespect someone
Dana prolly got to him and convinced him that "we have to sell these fights more".
Idk something recently has rubbed me the wrong way about him...he got way too cocky
I don't think he has changed, just a little aggressive towards Alistair though.
Well, people are constantly in his face asking him about Overeem, a one time opponent who failed a drug test and then called JDS scared to fight him. And other times, they're beating around the bush asking if his win over Cain is legitimate because poor Cain was injured.

I'd be pissed too.
theres nothing wrong with him or new imo.

reporters ask questions and he answers them. i dont think hes going around searching out reporters to tell them about his opponents. hes just answering questions.
It's just more coverage. He's still the same humble and nice guy, but there's more people asking him questions and if you ask him a question he'll answer it. He's also more confident with his English now.

Oh and he really fucking hates Overeem too.
Because the UFC/media is absolutely obsessed with Cain.
I was going to answer but you and a bunch of other posters already did
Dana prolly got to him and convinced him that "we have to sell these fights more".

I wouldn't be surprised if Dana isn't up in every single fighters ass saying the same thing (even the guys on the prelims).
He's an animal. He's hungry. He's been hungry, since the Werdum fight. Remember his face when he threw his finger down for the first time. He wanted to be a fighter. He wanted to be a killer. He wanted to be the Champ.

You ain't hungry, TS. Matter of fact I don't want you on this forum
Get out of my here.
well TS have you considered this....

pre fight talk builds up fights
built up fights generally sell more
selling more means making more sweet dollars
making more sweet dollars makes everyone happy.