What got you into watching the UFC?


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Nov 12, 2012
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Or MMA in general? I overheard my friends talking about "how sick the fight was last night" so I decided to ask them what were they talking about. They were talking about "UFC145 Jones vs Evans" so I decided to watch it and I couldn't grasp how exciting this sport was, the sport I never even paid attention to. So I decided to watch every event from UFC145-to present as well as the older fights before 145. I also train Wrestling and such, so it also influenced me to watching it.
PRIDE and TUF :redface:
Flipping through the channels and seeing the 1st season of TUF is what really god me hooked. I had heard about MMA before that and knew about some guys like Abbot and Shamrock but that 1st season of TUF and saying "woah what the fuck is this!!" is what got me hooked.
For me it was Wandy. Saw a fight of him at Pride and became a fan

I knew MMA already, saw some Vitor fights, but Wandy is the reason I became a fan
Had to go to a pub but watched it live on ppv..Tank Abbott UFC 6 and I was an instant fan

The rest is history
I got into it from a bloke I work with at about the end of 08, he lent me UFC 1-10, needless to say bricks were shat, what the fuck is this??? :eek: Then watched UFC 91 and really enjoyed it (knew of Lesnar from WWF). The first PPV I actually bought was UFC 101, thought that Anderson Silva bloke was a gun fighter, ha ha! Pretty much watched everything since that, plus a bit of Pride as well.

Now, hope everyone else is honest in this thread and you don't call everyone TUF noobs or WWE Lesnar fanboys! :)
when I was a little kid, I saw a small article in the newspaper about how some 170 lbs Brazilian had just won this crazy martial arts tournament. as a kid, I thought that the whole thing just sounded super cool. some of my friends used to get tapes of the early fights and we would watch them and just be generally amazed.

I lost touch with the sport but got into again later when I was living in Australia and a friend of mine invited me to a kick boxing match (he had received free tickets). I started looking around, locked onto Pride, and the rest if history.
I was there at the 1st Pancakes! nah, I'm a TUF1 baby :redface:
My dad let me and my brother rent a VHS of a UFC. I believe Don Frye was fighting.
Pride & Machida.

Machida was something special before he ran into Shogun.
My dad let me watch UFC 71 with him. I liked it and watched fights if on TV, but for some reason around UFC 129 I became more and more of a fan. Now I have seen most fights of all the "greats", most K-1 gran prix (I know, not MMA), and certainly most UFC events since then. I also watch events from other organizations once or twice a month, and I've attended one event live.
Word of mouth, and commercials for the UFC 3 PPV...which I ordered for my 17th birthday get-together.
A friend of mine invited me over to watch UFC 17.5. I saw Vitor knockout Wand and fell in love. The funny thing is, Wand eventually became one of my favorites, and now that fight hurts a bit to watch.
The power of the internet.

Stumbled across Bas Rutten videos online. Discovered Mirko Cro Cop shortly after. All about it since then.
Great thread!

I stumbled across a WEC fight between this skinny mother fucker (Carlos Condit) and this beast of a man (Brock Larson). I didn't think Condit had a chance, but he pulled out a slick armbar. Blew my mind. Condit has been my favorite ever since :)
My friends ordered a PPV, can't remember which, and I really enjoyed it. Started watching old fights all the time and really just enjoyed the competition and dedication that fighters put in.
Kimbo Slice. Will always be a fan for that reason, even though he was never good. After seeing him, I watched my first PPV UFC 88 Evans-Liddell and have seen them all since.