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What are you doing this weekend?

The Jake

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Jan 2, 2002
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Here in Melbourne we get to celebrate the Queens Birthday so it's a long weekend for us.

Whilst most Aussies couldn't give a rats ass about the Queen, we certainly appreciate any excuse for an extra holiday.

SO to all you Aussies and non-Aussies alike, what are your weekend plans?

Apart from training and squeezing in a few posts here I plan on (if I get time to do both that is) I'm going to be hitting it pretty hard....

I got an offer to go clubbing at Frostbites tomorrow (Friday night)after work (where they serve these really cool alcoholic slurpees). That will be good. My friend I'm going with lives walking distance from there so we can get drunk, stumble home and crash there. That sounds like a plan if I ever heard one.

Saturday, one of my mates from work are throwing a mammoth fucken house party. We've invited a few friends down from our Sydney office that we've never met (but dealt with heaps), and a few others work work so it looks like it's going to be a pretty wild weekend so far.

Sunday night hasn't even been planned yet but I expect more of the same (drunken revelry/tomfoolery).

Unlike most Aussies I do have to work on Monday however, although not until 4pm... hehehehe....

So what have you got on the cards?

- The Jake
Not half as exciting as yours. I'm going to a thaiboxing event on saturdayevening. 3 of our guys have to fight and so I'll be screaming my head off.
Partying like its 1999. We are going jet sking, and visiting friends from where l used to live. Likely hit the town at night and relax at the beach!
Well I am hoping to go out to my mates 30th,but my missis is working and I can't get a baby sitter:(

Sunday I am one of the corner managers at Ultimat Combat 2.

Looking forward to it.:)
m' gonna get buckled in some dank club till an obscene time in the morning..great
training and studying for my finals :(..... owh and don't forget work :(
Watching the TYson & Lewis match...can't wait, having people over (mostly male friends, their dads, uncles, grandpa's) and good food, of course some good bourbon and beer...and maybe some cigars....*wipes tear of happiness*
friday night im gonna take a trip up to a deserted road in northern Jersey to get some pictures and video of some abandoned houses, maybe even go inside :eek: :eek: :eek: saturday im gonna hit up the basketball court for a few hours then check out tyson-lewis at the Parcells' house. sunday ill pick my ass all day, taking a day off from physical activity.
since my last exam z over now I'll just chill...hmm..oh..there's this wedding on saturday..an old friend of mine z marrying a norwegian (weep w/ my swedish friends ;) ).
It'd be fun since it in the time n place, she has always arranged a huge n WET party every yr but the last 2.
I guess I wont be doin much on sunday :D
I don't plan until the last moment so I dunno... but most likely the same ol' hanging out with my buddies doing the same ol' boring stuff to kill time.. ;)
I have 4 graduation parties to attend. Two friends graduating collage, two cousins graduating High School, and a niece graduating elementary. This shit's going to cost me an arm and a leg. Oh well, I'll be in the clear after this.
Saturday my friend that I used to play in a band with is coming down from Reno. I haven't seen his dumb ass in about 5 years, should be a riot.
Tyson Vs Lewis, and probably goin to the beach with my girl, if I dont dump her first lol. Ill lift a little weights and hopefully go tot he boxing club nearby, and try and hurt someone.
Softball tournament (what better way to spend time with some good guys and drink a shit load of beer)

Lewis VS. Tyson (can't wait)

And if there's time I'll squeeze in some tennis and golf
Friday night,.... t'will be an awesome evening. My roommate is having some friends over, and meeting new people is always neat. I don't know if I'll be there or not, cuz I usually get invites to do other things... probably will go cheer for our world champion Lakers over at Nationals or Yankee Doodles with a buddy of mine on Friday night after work, much like I did last weekend. This weekend, the weather is going to be beautiful in southern california. It's high-time I get my ass back to the beach and work on evening out this tan of mine. I'll probably end up going to the beach Saturday morning to lay out... maybe I'll snatch up a friend to go with, I've met a couple of buds in my building, maybe I'll take one of em. Saturday night, often times I'll receive a call from KneeToTheDome tellin me to report to his pad for immediate kickin-it. It's always a possiblity that I will end up there at one point during the course of any weekend, at any given time, without prior notice.

Sunday, it's most likely all about the Laker game, since there's a game Friday night. I may end up doing laundry and going to the grocery store... pay-week was last week, and since moving expenses and settling-down has taken a physical and financial toll on Mr. Hojak for this weekend, I'll have to go with the "ballin' on a budget" approach. Maybe I'll wash my car too.
Fucking goddamn shit ass motherfucker.....I want to watch the fight, but I'm trapped in a dorm with a bunch of pillow biters who don't give a shit about it.

Nerd ass cracker ass goddamn fucking loser cunt bag slut nipple tits....

HAKUTO! Where can I see the fight near the Homewood campus????
Watch the Tyson Lewis fight!

- And-

Move into my new place..... :confused:
Originally posted by Bruce Lovely
Fucking goddamn shit ass motherfucker.....I want to watch the fight, but I'm trapped in a dorm with a bunch of pillow biters who don't give a shit about it.

Nerd ass cracker ass goddamn fucking loser cunt bag slut nipple tits....

HAKUTO! Where can I see the fight near the Homewood campus????

"Im not sure...."

Saturday night, watch the Tyson fight...then Sunday i graduate. i don't know what else. Its only Thursday, wayy too early to plan ahead...to friday and saturday.

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