What Are The Silliest Statements/Comments Made By UFC Fighters


Nov 1, 2012
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I'll start it off.
Vitor Belfort "I would of beat Anderson Silva if I didn't get knocked out by that kick".
"i didn't tap i was just rubbing him on the leg hopping my tag team partner would come in"
Ken Shamrock "I am going to beat you into a living death."
I'm honestly getting sick of hearing, "So-and-so is the toughest guy I've ever faced." Even when he obviously wasn't. Really Georges? C'mon. :icon_lol:

"I thought that round could have gone either way" When they clearly lost the round. I think Robert Whittaker said that regarding the second round of his fight against Brad Scott last night.

"He's a very well-rounded opponent" When what they really mean is that he doesn't have world class skills in any aspect of the sport. I think Joe or Goldberg said that about Mike Russo going into the Werdum fight and I just shook my head.:icon_neut
Bas Rutten said the jab was not a real punch
I'm sure he was insinuating that it was a lucky, one time kick

he probably was but it is quite silly if you ask me... thats like Mendes saying if I didn't try to take a shot at that very moment... or Bisping saying if I just didn't circle to Hendo's good hand... it's all bullshit, that's what you did and that's why you lost. period.
hendricks : gsp is ducking me

overeem: dos santos is scared of me / doesnt want to fight me

... okay guys, we believe you.
I'll start it off.
Vitor Belfort "I would of beat Anderson Silva if I didn't get knocked out by that kick".

I actually ran into Vitor after his fight with Andy, and he kept telling me Andy just got off lucky with the kick. Everyone has a different way of dealing with losses I guess.
Whatever Paul buentellos dumb little catch phrase was
Don't fear the man fear the *cricket
Priceless even though he was getting kod
When Carlos Condit said "This is going to be a dog fight" "They're going to have to drag me out of their" then ran in circles for 25 minutes! :mad:

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