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We are forgetting something important about Johnny Hendricks


Blue Belt
May 29, 2005
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If we look at his last 8 fights we can clearly see a pattern.

1. Kampmann. KO WIN
2. Koscheck. SPLIT DEC WIN
3. Fitch. KO WIN
4. Pierce. SPLIT DEC WIN
5. Waldburger. TKO WIN
6. Story. Close DEC LOSS
7. Brenneman. TKO WIN
8. Grant. Close DEC WIN

He is alternating close decisions with spectacular KO victories. If history is correct the fight with E-Burger will be close and if he wins he will KO GSP in spectacular fashion! :icon_lol:
maybe. maybe not. thats why they fight in real life and not on paper.
Hmm good catch, someone tell Hendricks to be sure to not KO Ellenburger, the consequences could be dire
Except for the part where he'll KO GSP. Because that's not gonna happen.
Or it just means that Hendricks barely beats anyone he doesn't catch?
Thanks captain obvious. Everyone knows Hendricks will split decision Ellenberger and KO Gsp in 30 seconds
Patterns are all cool until something fucks them up. Your argument would make more sense if you pointed out that, for the most part, when he fought people with any wrestling ability, he won or lost close decisions. Fitch and Brenneman are exceptions to this. In Fitch's case, he got caught. I' m not so sure Hendricks would beat him in a rematch. And Brenneman, well, he is the proverbial fly in the ointment in this case. I didn't see the fight so I don't know what happened but he may have decided to stand and trade with Hendricks.
Forgot Hendricks lost to Story....ewwww