water in the ear


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May 4, 2005
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I was boxing and i got hit hard in the jaw i mean hard.
I went down and then my right here felt like it was filling water
what was that about can you help anyone?
Go see a doctor, especially if it's still messed up.
the feeling is gone only my jaw hurts i just want to know what it was?
I'm not sure, I still would go see a doctor.
ill goto docs then i can only do it on tuesday so il go then.
Thnk you , anymore input?
Bro I have trained muay thai for a while and got hit about 1000 times hard, soft etc. but I never got a reaction like that. GO SEE A FU%$ING DOCTOR!!!! GO TO ER!!!! DONT WAIT!!!

There are a lot of nerves in the face that react diffrently when hit in certain spots, no one here is qualifid to tell you what's wrong!!! I studied biology in college but I am no doctor. Go to the emergancy room immediately to get a x-ray, catscan etc. check with your gym's insurance talk to the trainer or owner to get the insurance infomation to pay for the hospital bills, they are required to have insurance for this type of situation. GO TO ER ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i cant i have a class in the morning il go after class before bjj
thank you for the info i will goto the docs
Yea, don't skrew around with your health. Internal bleeding sucks!
Everyone that reads this thread should understand that they should seek out the attention of a doctor if you have any type of injuries. If it doesn't feel right see a docor, it's that simple. What you think could be minor could posibly be a serious injury.
the shock riped a piece of my ear and spilled fluid its a minor thing thank you tho.
Shit mang.

Did you get dizzy and have trouble with orientation after that?
a little i stoped striking for the day when it happend and just did some ground work