Washing the jiu jitsu gi?



I just started training in jiu jitsu for a few weeks now. I would like to know if you are suppost to wash your gi every single time you wear it? Cause I have a Koral MKM gi and I wash it every time I train and one of the Pacthes is starting to rip! Anyone have some advice?
For the love of God wash it after every time you wear it
Wash it every time you wear it. I would just get the patch resewn on with a stronger stitch.
Thanks... I do wash every single time! Just sucks that the patch is kinda tearing and the gi is basically brand new!
How old is the GI? What patches are ripping off? shoulders? left chest? back?
put it on a gentler cycle. or turn it inside out.
The Patch on the chest.

At the top right? Mine did the same thing but it wasnt from washing it. It happened to mine during rolling i sent mine back to where i got it and they replaced the patch. It ripped again so i took it to a tailor and had a few stitches in it. You cant even tell unless you look up close. Like said above wash it in cold water and if you want to put it in the dry put it on low.
i would also second the washing it inside out idea. keep it away from the dryer, hang dry out of direct sun
You should have at least two gis , if you dont use the dryer , you more than likely will be wearing a damp gi most of the time . yes a dryer will be hard on a gi but you will get sevral years out of a mid grade gi . as mine are jodogis or unbleached HCKs , i have no problems with patches, witch are for pants with holes in them anyway .
never wash you kimono, my fren. wash kimono make for lose best technique in de world, unnerstan?
wash your gi kid....also when you shower...dont let the water just hit you....Scrub it ..lol Jokes.

But yeah man each time wash it and hang dry it. People with gross gi's arent liked much
It helps to have several gis, so you can cycle through them, washing whatever gi you use after each session. I put mine in at 30 (celsius), then hang dry. As I've got others to wear (like most people who train), doesn't matter that drying that way takes much longer. Then again, I'm in the UK, which isn't particularly humid: cold and wet instead. :wink:
definately in a perfect world you have to wash it every time you wear it... i only have 1 gi so i dont train in the gi every day... instead i do lots of no-gi, and spread out my gi classes by a day of no-gi. if you HAD to train everyday in the gi but cant afford two, im sure using antibacterial frebreeze once instead of a wash would be okay
I have two moskito gi's that when i wear them i take it home and wash it i wear the other gi the next class and then the next class the other one is good to wear .

ALWAYS hang dry your gi you get the most life out of it and it will be stiff when it drys and you want that .

i can rip peoples fingers up with mine haha .
^^^yeah cause it s moskito.
Very popular here in Germany.
Rips your face + uncatchable