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Dec 27, 2006
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What sort of warmups do you guys normally do before lifting?
Depends on the lift. If it's deadlift I go 135x5 225x5 275x3 315x3 365x3 then work.
Oh yeah I also do Asian squats and random shoulder flailing with a 2.5er.
1km at a slow pace on bike.

Then I'll ramp up to my work sets, in 20kg increments
I've been jogging for about 5 or 10 minutes, then stretching, then pushups and scap pushups (trying to get a little bit of shoulder prehab in with my warmup). I also do a couple light sets prior to whatever lift I'm about to do. Lately I've been doing less static stretching and more dynamic stretching.
When it comes to shoulders I spend A LONG time warming up since I've had a lot of shoulder problems.

I generally do a lot of push presses so I will do some shoulder pre-hab workout. Which involves some kind of basic movements with a light-weight plate. Things like front raises, side raises, and others that are a bit hard to describe since they're improvised. It just helps loosen up my shoulders, which is good since they're very injury prone. I'll also do shoulder dislocations before starting lifting. I'll start at the bar, then 135lbs and move up 40lbs each warm-up set. I generally do the same with squats, minus the pre-barbell stuff.

If I'm not mistaken, I think I remember Rippetoe teaching someone the SOHP and at one point he said he'd demonstrate by doing it himself, but he'd have to take 10 minutes to warm-up.
I like to warm up w/ a couple azn chicks before I hit the iron.
Hip thrusts infront of a mirror while I rock it out to "Forgiveness" by Justin Timberlake.
jump squats, walking lunges, arm circles and swings, along with some stretches. Then just a lighter weight with whatever the exercise Im doing is
I usually run 1/2-1mile than do a few circuits of squats, pushups, situps, and pullups to warm up. Usually 3x10.
Than, I do some light stuff with whatever lift I start with and ease in to the weight.
In addition, I make sure my shoulders are good and loose before doing anything.
Jumprope to sweat or 1/4mi. run @ variable speeds.
Leg swings sideways and forwards, 2 runs through both till I feel loose.
Rolling forward and backwards (I skip backwards if I'm doing anything back related, which I usually am.)
Lying and prone scorpions.
Arm circles
Arm swings
Elbow circles

Repping the bar with whatever given lift till I feel warm, and then I go up in about ~50 pound increments.

I'm fucking typy.
nothing, maybe a little stretching but nothing major
I'll row 1000m on the rower and do some bodyweight squats. I don't stretch though.
Get body warmed up (jogging, BW squats, pushups, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, skipping, etc.)

Mobility drills (lower and upper body)

Activation exercises if necessary (scap pushups, glute bridges, etc.)

I also do build up sprints through out the warm up. 50%, 75%, and 100% at end.

This take maybe 10 minutes

Then I do the normal warmup sets before my exercises.
Body warm up would be something along the lines of jogging for a short period of time.

Before doing any lower body exercises I fully stretch out my quads so they feel loose and hit some low weight squats to get them going.

Upper body I usually just use light weight for maybe 8 reps to get everything good.
My warmups are very short. They consist of:

easy vertical jumps
waving arms around in every imaginable manner
bw squats (10 or something)
hip, knee, ankle elbow and wrist warmup (like 20 seconds each)

plus I stretch the stuff that is important for the NEXT lift I'll be doing. E.g. if I start with SOHP and then do squats, I stretch my legs before SOHP. But again, it's very short and not that thorough.

So far it's been treating me good, never had an issue with anything.

My personal obsession is the Achilles tendon. I've seen so many people fucked because of injuries related to it, I'm playing it safe.