Wanting to train, no experience, no real income?


Dec 31, 2004
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Ok, I'll keep it really short for everyone's sake. Feel free to move the thread, bit of a n00b.

I'm 5'7", 115lbs and 17. Not much bodyfat, but then no real strength either. What I want to do is to put on a small amount of weight to begin with, and to build some strength, Cardio, maybe even some fighting skills.

Now, with no money what can I do? I can only come up with push-ups, etc. And Jogging. Not much really. I can sort a diet out, I just have no idea for a starting grounds for the rest. I figured following a MMA regime, loosely, would help, but then again: I wouldn't know. The Gym won't be an option for at least 6 months (Money), and I live in a small English town, very small. So there are next to no Schools for the arts. Or not something that's very rounded like BJJ.

Any help would be appreciated.
search through the multimedia section for some conditioning books. There should be a bunch listed. If you're serious, and still can't find something, PM me, and I'll set you up with some links.
Jog up and down hills....Do some Shuttle runs(sprints)
Jog up and down hills with a back pack containing some weight.
Push ups,sit-ups, jump over things..lol
Shadow box loads.
For some good ideas try Urban's Random Workout Generator. Use the running intervals and the non-weighted GPP. There's plenty of ideas in there for you to get started. Urban's generator is located at http://www.angelfire.com/hero/urbandruid/Random.html

Second, look into sandbag training. Go build yourself a sandbag (See http://www.warriorforce.com/sandbagconstructionkit.pdf for how to do it on the cheap), then search in the forums for ideas on routines.

Look around, there has to be something heavy. Use it for training. Either strength or cardio... Find a big rock (anything that actually weighs a stone will work), heave the sob then chase it down. Continue for 3 minutes. Take a rest, then repeat.

Good luck!
You really can get decent results with minimal objects. Seriously, there are so many different exercises you can do with just a simple pair of dumbbells. Learn proper ab workouts, eat well, and start running and you can put yourself in decent shape with nothing more than a pair of dumbbells and heart.
He has no money, so he probably isnt going to be able to get a set of dumbbells.

For strenght training without equipment: Isometrics. Look up that word. Lots of pushups and pullups.

Some links to help you:
http://www.4mcd.usmc.mil/AOP/OSOHyattsville/Armstrong Pullup Program.htm <-- great pullup workout.

datadog said:
Look around, there has to be something heavy. Use it for training. Either strength or cardio... Find a big rock (anything that actually weighs a stone will work), heave the sob then chase it down. Continue for 3 minutes. Take a rest, then repeat.
This is the kind of shit you need to do. Improvise, get some heavy buckets of paint and do different lifts with them, pick them up and walk with them as far as you can go. Rest a minute, pick them up and walk back. Get a sandbag and run with it.

If you can get a workout buddy that would be awesome. Then you can do a lot more things. Aside from stuff like spinning drills and buddy carries, you can do strengh training using the resistance of the other person (http://www.strengthtech.com/photos/haney96p/haney96p.htm). Not to mention you'll have someone to drill and grapple with (if you want mma look up some wrestling takedowns and bjj holds to drill so that you are doing it right and not wasting your time). If you can just get your dad or someone to drill you and push you and call you a pussy when you want to quit.

Here's a site that has a bunch of links to sites that show you how to improvise and make your own equipment: http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=307668.

Be mentally tough. That is the key. With these types of workouts, its so easy to give up once you start feeling the pain. Go hardcore with this and you can become a monster.
I just read a book called Solo Training. It had a lot of good drills in it. Mostly stand up stuff, but I see there's a sequal now...maybe that has more ground drills. I'd say it's worth checking out.
For your stength and conditioning anything from www.Rossboxing.com His products are all great I'd recommend Ultimate Training for the Ultimate Warrior or his new one Infinite Intensity for the most complete picture. As far as fighting skills, nothing will ever replace a real coach and knowledgable training/sparring partners be it boxing, muay thai, bjj, wrestling or whatever. Learning anything from a book is nearly impossible unless you have a good base to work with and the opportunity to try on a resisting opponent.
You sound skinny, you might want to gain some weight. I have been drinking a good protein shake called Whey.
Its cheap and will help with muscle building and gaining weight (in a good way).
It only cost about $20 a tub which isnt much, but you really should consider getting some protein.
sprints...hills...stairs....pushups chinups and crunches....do it !
My suggestion would be to first get a notebook.
Write down your goals(weight gain, strentgth, conditioning, fighting skills?),
set a time period and how to execute
those goals with the resources(time/money) you have.

Like everyone had suggested, you can do "sprints...hills...stairs....pushups chinups and crunches".
If your high school offers wrestling, sign up and tough that out. It'll cost you a pair of wrestling shoes.
If you make the team, that's all the exercise you'll need. As you get older and start making money,
you'll have more options.

Another suggestion:
if you can get a few buddies that are interested in mma (or whatever you want to learn) split the
cost of dvd's and train with your pals that way.

I would suggest to stay away from gaining weight only because you are still developing.
Your metabolism will slow as you get older and generally people gain at least 10-15lbs after high school.
Worry about your image later.
Also check out this page www.trainforstrength.com for some nifty excersices.

Do all kinds of pushup variations as said, pullups by the bunchloads, hindusquats in bunches and when you can do them pistols are great. Sprint, run hills, jump rope.

Construct a heavy sandbag, you can do all kinds of lifting with it or just build strength by carying it around. Get a heavy sledgehammer and go out and beat a tire. Fill up a wheelbarrow unti it is really heavy and go out and walk with it.

Burpees in the bunches..

I could go on and on, extremely lots of options. Just keep it intensive and you will do fine, now get started!
In the Army, they conditioned us very good without alot of stuff! And they teached us pretty good self defense the easy way! Just hit the punching bag and learn some submissions and escapes for the mean time!
Toothless - where are you in England? I'm English too, and there's a fair bit around, but it can be hard to find.

Otherwise the advice here is good - sprints, push ups, chins, maybe some sandbag work make a very good base, and there are some solo drills as well that can help.
Forget about weights at your age... plyometrics (push ups, burpees, squats, etc) will do the trick. Use your own body weight to build mass, strength, and conditioning.

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