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Jan 25, 2006
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I want to gain 15lbs of weight but remain athletic. Does anybody have any experience with this. I don't want my stamina conditioning to suffer. I am 6foot tall, and weigh 165-168, right now on the lighter end of that. SHould I still do LSD (long slow distance) or only focus on interval training? Thanks much. Scott

Stop with the LSD, and start on quicker runs/sprints. I remember doing LSD in my cross-country team and weighing around 160. Then, getting into track and rugby, my weight was around 175ish.
Don't forget to also do less reps with heavier weights to build bulk too.
I would cut back on the LSD, but wouldn't cut it out completely. Also try uping the weight on your leg training, doing less reps. That would help bulk up your legs, when i do try to add weight i like for it to be balanced. Legs are a great place to start. If you already have big legs, look at yourself and see where you can add without getting unbalanced.
You eating enough dude? Eating enough calories is 80 percent of the battle to gain weight. I eat 3 meal replacement drinks and 3 "whole food" meals everyday. That how I gain muscle weight.
EAT like a horse and Train like an ox
Ive gained about 3-4 pounds a week for 2-3 months, im not sure when it started, and im not sure why. Im working out even more.

Im pretty sure drinking protein will help you gain weight.
ACR4V3N said:
Im pretty sure drinking protein will help you gain weight.

Drinking the protein will help him no more than eating it.

Putting on weight is pretty much formulaic. Take in more calories than you burn. Period.

Try to increase your daily caloric intake by 500 calories more than it is currently for starters. Shoot for a gain of about a pound per week. If you are gaining more than that, scale it back by a couple of hundred calories. If you are gaining more slowly than that, add in a couple of hundred calories.

Personally I'd swap the LSD for HIIT or outright sprint work. But it depends on what you are doing your cardio for (i.e. what sport you are using it to cross train for). You'll burn off some muscle mass doing LSD so it will make it tougher to gain weight.

BTW, I could swear that there are at least 3 threads like this every week. Isn't there a sticky that covers it?
I'll keep you all posted on the progress. I'm doing a new lifting routine (centered around strength) and I am supplementing with whey protein, and changing up the cardio.
protein is important but for gaining weight don't forget about your carbs, load up on them in the morning and before working out, just remember to eat them with some protein also
I eat a great deal throughout the day, mostly whole grain bread, protein (either in shake or meat form), brown rice, fruits and veggies. I was lifting like a mad man before, everyday (although different parts) but with little time for recovery. I will start mixing up the days with one day lift, next day intense cardio. I try to lift In a pyramid fashon, lift to where I can put it up 6, add some weight then 5, 4 , and so on. My goal is weight and strength. I would like to have supplements with more than just whey protein, but right now my budget is very limited.
I actually lost another pound, I just don't understand. I've cut a lot of cardio, started taking more rest days, am lifting heavy weights, eating a lot. WOW, tough stuff.
No one can help unless you post Routine / Diet / Sleep Pattern Etc..

Check peoples log files.. see what they are doing..

I may start a log.
Actually, despite losing weight I feel much more powerful when hitting the heavy bag. I guess thats alright.
Quit using LSD, you will only lose weight with a drug like that. What's the world coming to?
If you are trying to gain but are in fact losing weight, you aren't consuming enough calories, period. Classic mistake is to eat "alot". Count your calories. Add a a measured 500 cals per day to that. Recheck. Keep doing this until you reach a slow gain. Stick to this caloric plan every single days for months on end.

For instance, last week I had 3 days of crap caloric intake. Probably ate half of the 3500 cals I should have gotten each day. That puts me at 5250 cals to make up. Meaning those three days will take me 11 days (remember a 500 cal/day surplus) of following my nutrional plan just to be where I was at the start of last week.
Dominoes 5 for 5???? you mean Pizza???? I think you mean Arbys has 5 for 5, right???
Don't forget that your genetics may play a large part in whether or not you gain the lean mass you're after (I'm assuming it's lean mass you're after otherwise I'ld advise you to the Krispy Kreme stat). It sounds as though you're an ectomorph, i.e. a hard gainer. There has been a huge surge in the supplement industry selling perfection from a pill or shake. The supplements can help some people, other are just out of luck