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Oct 29, 2005
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I'm curious what the other S&P regulars do as far as workout volume. Before starting BJJ, I used to lift 5 times a week (3 compound movements and 3 assitance movements on average per workout) and was making decent progress. Then I added to BJJ days to the mix.

Between class and rolling, BJJ days end up being a pretty intense 3 hour workout. But only two days per week. Untill recently, I'd continued lifting 5 days a week by following up BJJ with an hour or so of lifting. Basicly keeping my old lifting schedule and simply adding the twice weekly BJJ workouts to my existing regime.

Personally I wouldn't have considered this to be overtraining as I was still getting two days off a week. Apparently my body disagreed with me though. I started to notice symptoms of overtraining... getting slightly weaker each week instead of stronger, feeling tired despite the extra sleep, etc. So, I just switched to a program where I'll be lifting on 3 days, doing BJJ on two days, and taking the other two days off completely.

But hey, maybe I'm just old. For those of you S&P regulars that lift and train, how often are you lifting and how often are you training? Anyone else have overtraining concerns with mixing lifting and grappling?
Kou, you might have read my post elsewhere, but you don't want heavily tax both the aerobic and anaerobic systems on the same day. So if you lift on the same day as BJJ, make lifting light/recovery lifting, or don't lift at all.

I was training 4 days a week and lifting 3 before I injured my wrist about a month ago. Found out I broke it. In a cast. Typing's a bitch.
I do full body three times a week, 9 exercises, all compound lifts except abs, for 3 sets each. Total by workout 27 sets. Total by week 81 sets.

But right now I don't train in anything other than lifting. When I'll get back in judo, total volume will take a gigantic drop to 24 sets a week, but I'll do quite a bit of calisthenics, some plyos and some cardio work in addition to judo practice 4-5 times a week.