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Dec 19, 2001
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Ok here is tthe thread. Here we are going to post whatver has work for you in order to get laid. Also put what has failed so we can put it to trash. We are going to compile the best of our experiences here.

Disclaimer: It's not guarantee that will work for everyobdy. Different reactions may occur. In that case call your consultant.

For example: My new strategie is when I am making outat the beginning..out of the blue I take my pants off. Right in front of the girl and I keep making out. That has work for me a lot. At least I get a handjob.

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hehe. Sounds like a nice trick, will use that one on saturday :)

DONT think the first kiss doesnt count, trust me hehe. I once kissed a girl and I wasnt really "ready" she just kinde dove right at me, and it was horrible, teaths smacking together (you name it, it happend), never heard from her again hehe. So be prepared, she was a looker as well, oh well, atleast I got one bad kiss he. :)

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lol...Yeah kissing good is pretty important. I am a pretty good kisser. You know you just have to adapt at how she watns to be kissed and do it that way. Don't show her yuor tongue sucking trick in the first minutes.
lol, nice one :) Wont do that again ;) I
I kiss her on the neck gently, and on her wrist.

The key is to find the sensitive spots on a girl. After that, its all gravy!
Let me know...It worked for me all the time. I take my pants off and make out like nothing is going on. then do what shooto says. My way to get them start to do a blowjob is challenging to give me a kiss in the cock. They begin kissin it and then they end up sucking it at the end.
Did it, girls fsckd friend shows up, everything goes down the drain. Hrmf, need to get me a sidekick or something.
Lol....what happened i need more details?
Did you take your pants off?
Her friend showed up?

We gotta analyze what happened. Last week me in Kansas City I was with this girl in the car and she told me that sex was really important for her....that she needs to be in love and bla, bla, bla.
We were making out...and I did the move and just kept making out. Suddenly she is stroking me and then told me that we were not going to have sex in the car. I did not want to pay a hotel or anything like that and then in some way I challenge her to suck it...after 1 hour she did. She called me yesterday and whenever I free I will go to kansas City again to finish the business.
The thing is that women like to think that they are good in bed. Called them selfish in a joking way if the do not want to suck your dick.
lol lil' surfer girl....the thing is finding the sensitive spot while making out, but at the same time impress them in what are you capable to do. Being confident in what you doing is the key. That way the conversation about sex gets a lot sooner and you can tell if the girl is going to dance or not.
lol Surfer girl....we do put a lot of thought into that. Some guys just go for the easy and is to get them drunk. Others like me like to do it when they are completely sober. If you are making out with some dude and he does take his pants out of the will know that he is been reading over here and you can slap him right away.

It would be nice to have some female input since we are the fireman forum. Do you mind sharing what has worked for the guy/guys that have been lucky with you?
LOL at VeneTKD taking his own pants off. do you stroke it too, you little cock-smoker?? i'm surprised that worked.
lol subliminal....yeah it worked. I was really surprise the first time but then I tried it again and worked again and again. It depends of the girl, though. The way they are kissing you. If it is a really soft kiss and sexy i would not try that since it would ruin the moment, but if the kiss is passionate and she you could feel the fire then is time to take your pants off. They usually will stroke it, sometimes you have to put their hands into it, they will feel confortable and they will do it. If they take their hand off it's time to do some talking...but always naked.
hahahaha...damn It is totally true that we spend a ton of time trying to figure this shit out....Damn women!!!
VeneTKD, we are talking about a GIRL here, right? not a blowup doll? so, let me get this straight, you're taking YOUR pants off. YOU are putting her hand on your cock. ok, what is she doing? she's not passed out at this point right?
No she's STILL passed out from the drug Vene slipped into her drink.
Nah, she didnt step in at that instance. But you know how it goes when the girl has a friend with her and the friend hasnt got somone. I think girls kinda get off on ruining stuff for other girls.

I should have asked for a 3-some instead ;)
lol guys. i guess i am pretty dominant when it comes to sex and it seems that i treat women like dolls. I give them what they gotta get the signals, all women are different.

For example...older divorced women....they want to be listened too. You have to sit with them with a few drinks and listen to them complain about their marriege life, how their ex-husband sucks and all that. Then you gotta say that you will never treat your wife like that. Since I am usually a lot younfer they will think that you are naive or innocent. Then if they cry or something..hug them and kiss them in the cheek and they look them straigh in the eyes. You can hold them again, caress their hair. Kiss them in the forehead andd then in the mouth, don't use your tongue.

it worked for me and my best friend several times in a bar that we used to go.
One time that taking my pants off did not work:

Here is the story. I was with my two best friends in a hotel in Margarita Island. We came back from the bars about 3 am and we went to walk around the pool to see if some dudes were drinking or something. Well when we got to the pool there was three mature women completely naked having screwdrivers by the pool. Me and my two friends were like Boo YA!!!. We decide to comeback to our room and get some drinks for ourselves. We got a bottle of rum and some cups, then we came back to the pool and the woman were still there. We took our clothes off and we went inside the pool with them. We started talking to them and then they got out they put their clothes off and they were probably so scared that they left an almost full bottle of Vodka. It was all good since we saw them change and we also got some vodka to finish the night. it would have been awesome if we could have socred that night thoguh.