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Mar 7, 2002
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a lot of times when people enter message boards or chat sites they have a reason for using the specific name they choose to be called...everbody's user name or handle is unique to that individual, and often times i associate personal character traits with that handle...almost like and alter ego of sorts...

now some of the names i see (like Dave Hojak for instance) are very creative and i was wondering why you guys picked the username/handle you have chosen...
I picked my name because I am a fan of one of the greatest rappers of all time.

Hey wait a minute!!

Good topic. I'm always curious how people come up with their names.

My team mates on my softball team helped with my name. Most think I have a sweet swing when I'm at the plate (Yes thats my swing on my avatar) and Vigil is my last name thus the name sweetvigil.

How about you Punkmother. How did you come up with your name?
honestly, im not exactly sure how i came up with the name just came out of my mouth once when i was in a tirade and it flew out with a stream of cusswords...i think i may have called someone a "punkmother bitch" or something along those lines...and one of my friends just started laughing about it and from then on we said it from time to time...and it kinda stuck i guess...basically a random act of anger.
Osiris is the egyptian god of the dead. So I own all your souls.

Bow down now.

For a small fee I may be convinced to hand your soul back.
When I was in Highschool, Left Bench was my football position. The name just stuck with me for years now.
Cesaro from Cesaro Summability by Tool, no particular reason for choosing it.. I was going to use my name but just used Cesaro.
Mines from what Tank said after his first match in the octagon (KO of John Matua)

"I'm a little winded now cause I'm excited, other than that cake walk baby!"
Cook is my last name and my friends just put togther cookdaddy and they started calling me that.
I got mine fom the mono rail episode of the Simpsons, where it is about to fuck up and they show this belt in the engine and it had "seldom break" or something like that on it, kind of liked the sound I guess.
Mine started as bigbux, then i started listening to project pat and went by project bux for a while, but now I watch dbz and am pure evil so i call myself majin bux
Dioxippus was an athlete(boxing/pankration) in the early Olympic games. he was a badass and a lot of fighters wouldnt go against him. using the "dioxippus" name is kind of like a reach your potential and have fighters,or any other kind of competition, be afraid to compete with you.
OilinDaDrum is a popular fighting technique, where you insert your finger into your opponents anus causing him discomfort. :D
mine is nothing really i guess anyone know from where mine come from....Shooto because i train shooto here in Japan....Panama because i`m latin and that my country.....first thing to come to my mind before sign here on sherdog.....later i found ShootoKing was running around and i think about change mine to avoid confussion but i can`t do that.....both names remind me of my past and my new life a bridge.
Thats ok... we can both be Shootos!!! But i was the first!!
Donegal is the county I live in in Ireland....

Although I'm from Tyrone originally not that that means anything to any of u.

Cesaro, I had always thought that was ur real name and that u were of latin american decent.
My mates at the gym where I box start calling me "Ravage" (pronounced in a French way) which is Dutch for havoc or devastation. And since my real name is Ralph, I thought I might aswell put those two together: Ralphage was born!!