Underhook shorts

Looks freakin sexy
Ron I have always wanted a short I can train in and then go "Skating." Lol, I'm just kidding, hey is that you sporting the shorts?
Dude you look like a guy who was talking shit to me in my car cause I cut him off in wheaton like a couple weeks ago, lol, I had to restrain beating the living shit out of him. You dont drive a hummer do you :)
You don't look happy to be on camera...why is that, you dirty dog.

Nice looking shorts brotha man.
I'm size 46, do you think I can comfortably squeeze my fat buttocks into those shorts?
Also, I like the hoody you are wearing in the pic, but I can't find it on your website. Do you have Large size hoodies? Like XXXL?
I think that there should be enough give in the XXL. If not, I can always refund you. These shorts have so much give it's freaking unreal.

What about the Hoodie? 3XL? Well, since he left, do you know Phenom? You seem to know SSF pretty well.
I just ordered the shorts, looking forward to getting them. About how long does it usually take?
I dont like you...

But the shorts are O.K.
Look very nice - had you posted this a week ago I very possibly would have gone for a pair of these, however in that time I purchased some yellow Sprawls and would get a severe ear bashing from my better half if I were to buy another pair so quickly.
Those shorts look pretty cool. Someone write a review up!
The hoodies will be avail by Dec and I should have some larger sizes. I sponsor a guy that nees a 4xl. Please note that the blue/black shorts are out of stock.
Pizdek do I know you?