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UFC in Sweden in april 2013!


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Oct 21, 2011
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Kimura.se reported of a rumour that the UFC will be coming back to Sweden in april!


The article states the Alexander Gustafsson will likely headline the event and speculations for his opponent was between Gegard Mousasi or winner of the Evans - Nogueira fight.

Any other candidates you see would make sense for Gustafsson? Who else would you like to see on this card?
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Winner of the Evans - Nog fight makes sense. Gegard doesn't deserve that fight in the slightest. Give him someone fringe top ten before a fight with a would-be title contender.
It woulda been cool to have Siyar back on this card. Ill see him in Japan against dong
Holy fuck let it be Mousasi, then i'd definetly get tickets to see it live.

One of my all time favorite fighters on ufc sweden... oh i wish this is true.
Great news and the Swedish fans absolutely deserve another card.

This is great news, the first event in Sweden was simply amazing!

They are frigging banging out events this year

This is the one Peralta vs Corrassani has been moved to then

Let it be Mousasi..
Awesome! I will definitely be there to cheer for the Mauler once again. Hopefully we get a card that's as good as the last one.
Gus vs Mousasi...Gus by TKO!
It'll probably be Mousasi.
Probably head over to Sweden for this. Hopefully catch up with some pals while I am out there. :)
At first I thought Mousassi shouldn't fight Alexander but it would actually be a great stylistic match up. The stand up war those two will put on makes it intriguing.
Awesome! Would be quite a UFC debut for Mousasi to fight Gustafsson in Sweden.:D
mousasi all the way... i see him hurting gus. shogun with limited movement and bad knees was able to tag gus. mousasi is gonna maul the mauler. hype train derailed.