UFC fighters you'd like to see given another chance


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Jan 8, 2013
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Who would you like to see brought back to the UFC after being cut?

Personally I'd like to see Arlovski, Santiago, and Mike Kyle (although he may be retired)
Barnett, although it would be very understandable if they didn't.
Rumble, he is exciting talented, HUNGRY and still has a healthy amount of fights in him
Joe Stevenson was a huge fan after the show of this guy he won some fights then fought for a title then kinda went downhill I know hes still young would like to see him back
I can definitely agree with Barnett and Rumble. Unfortunately Rumble's now signed on with WSOF, as are a bunch of other great fighters I'd like to see in the UFC (Arlovski, Gracie, Spong and Filho)

Joe Stevenson is a shell of his former self
Josh Barnett
Tyson Griffin
Anthony Johnson
Andrei Arlovski
Josh Barnett, rumble, Jeff monson and big tim sylvia are the few that come to mind immediately
I'd say Rumble was hungrier at welterweight. If you know what I mean :cool:

Arlovski, Barnett and Daley. But I do respect the fact that Dana stuck to his guns in not turning on his promise to keep him out.