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Feb 7, 2005
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I was wondering what happens when you train while sick. I don't mean very sick, like right now a have a bit of a head cold. And I don't mean very intense training, I want to do my regular lifting routine, a little cardio, and bag work. But I have like absolutly zero energy and I'm not feeling too good, so will training make me feel even worse or a little better since I got some exercise?

Thanks for any info.
When your sick your body is fighting off what ever illness you have. Trying ot workout through the sickness will probally prolong the illness. The reason you have no energy is that its all being diverted because of the illness. I won't hurt you to train thourgh it but you will probally feel horrible afterwards. Maybe a light workout but I defeintielt wouldn't try to do a serious traiining session.

There is a reason Dr.'s always tell you to get rest while your sick.
I have been sleeping more and laying around, but that makes me feel so lazy.
light strecthes.......resting is a part of training. listen to your body.
TheDave@ANMA said:
Perezoso! Lazy!
That is what happens when one neglects the manliness aspect of training. Example I will point out to you: what happens when you decided that you need to use your skill to defend yourself but you have the shits, the giggles, vomit spew, etc? You gonna get knifed, boy. That is what and I won't have any part in that. When you are sick, take one exercise, go insanely all out for one minute and then know, as I do, that in the real world defense you will prosper through the horror of hand to hand combat.

Isn't that nice
rest, eat some fruit. You recover faster and get back to training when you're healthy. That way when you have the shits, vomit spew, etc. and somebody pulls a knife on you you'll be in better shape when you're sick then than you when you were sick before. This is cause you didn't get injured or prolong your sickenss and took good fucking care of yourself so you could raise your level of fitness when you're healthy even higher. Manliness has nothing to do with being stupid and sick for longer. the dave is saturating you all with his horse shit.

you wanna learn to push through adversity? improve your gpp. GPP is where you develop the toughness it takes to push through pain, through the psychological breakdown that comes with exhaustion, it's where you develop your will to continue, find your desire. Training while sick is where you develop your pnemonia and injuries.
TheDave@ANMA said:
No horse shit intended. Mainly meant, to say the least or the most, that when one is sick training is no good but if you are worried about fighting when sick, say in a street fight situation, you should try what I suggested. I have done this twice for two very different illnesses and it was awful! However, I prospered, did not gain anything and in fact prolonged the sickness but was able to know that if ever confronted in dark alleyways, I would be able to have that 100% energy reserve explosive blast that would save my life.
Urban, you are absolutely correct in stating that raising ones general physical and emotional state of health is a better idea than training while sick. Doing sprints while very sick is incredibly demanding and requires much mental power. I thought he meant to defend and if capable while sick. I see now he meant if he should do long training regimens while sick. To that I say get some rest and eat lots of fruit, drink tea.
Look bro, if you get into a street fight or "get confronted in a dark alley", while sick your going to have an energy reserve anyway, called an adrenalin rush, and once the fight or flight response kicks in its not gonna matter whether you trained or not while sick. I view my training /life like a marathon (just a metaphor of course) its what you do over the long haul that matters. Training while sick is counterproductive. Rest, enjoy laying around and when you get back into training start off slow and its going to feel wonderful again. If your really gun ho practice visualizations but if you don't have your got nada!
I agree bro. But rather than reiterate what many have said. What is your point?
Actually there's some thinking out there that suggests that you might actually perform better training while sick. Especially individual training (which is good to also keep from spreading your cold) like cardio and resistance training and drills.

Sick? Go Train

I know some of my best individual workouts have come when I was trying to fight off a cold. Sure, if you're in really bad shape, with blinding headaches and total agony, training doesn't make sense. But if its the kind of cold you'd take to work (instead of calling in sick), then you might be okay to go ahead and train.
The rule is, if the illness is above the neck, (head cold/sinuses, train light, if it's below the neck (chest/lungs) don't train.

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