Training in different locations?


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Oct 12, 2005
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Hey, I have an interesting question for you guys. I might accept a job offer that would have me on the road 4-5 days a week, which would be fine. The only reason I might not accept is because I think it will minimize training. So my question is on the leniancy of most bjj schools. Obviously I cant afford to pay a membership to every gym in America, but the one I go to has a one day free trial. Is this common with most gyms? I know that this would be a very wierd training regimen, but its better than nothing right?

Thanks in advance for your answers.
no plm imo ...get it any way u can... i wouid contact the clubs ask for prices...most will have a free trial class or a low cost if any :)
I think this is something you'd need to take up with each gym/dojo specifically. In my experience, most gyms won't allow you to just drop-in and roll right away. You'd need to sign a waiver and in some cases get a membership (monthly, yearly, 6-class-pass, etc). I'd suggest going to each place and simply explaining the situation and seeing if there's any sort of solution or compromise.