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Jan 15, 2006
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Hi everyone, any advice on a good style for a police officer to study?
I am in my mid 30's and have never taken any martial arts classes before this will be my first. Any advice would be helpful............Thank you
jiujitsu works, judo if you can adapt it to no gi, sambo is possible. manily grappling arts if you either dont have your weapon or cant get to it in time. i forsee standup being almost entirely useless seeing as cops carry mace/batons/guns
Like I said in your post in the standup forum, a ground game is definately needed. But dont be quick to get rid of standup. Depending on your size and ability for takedowns you might need striking to open up a clinch for takedowns.

I'm sure you looked in to your department to see if anyone knew of any classes. Actually how I started training in BJJ was through my local police department. Was hanging out in their little common room thing and saw a flier and called the guy up and been training it ever since.

Check with local departments. Sweet time to do it is when sitting in court for all of those traffic violations you've been handing out.
I posted on this same thread in the standup forum. I think JJ is the best, simply because of all the pins and hold-downs, which allow you to handcuff and control people without injuring them too badly.
When you do find a gym, tell them that you're a police officer. They'll probably make an effort to show you the techniques useful to your line of work
there are at least 5 cops at the place where I go, so I would say BJJ is what most cops like.
definetly BJJ or judo. Many people might not agree but I think there is also some good stuff in aikido when it comes to police work.
A police officer should be trained in a few things. Takedowns, control of the suspect, and effective submissions. Judo can be used for all of this.
Also, a police officer should train in close quarter combat with a pistol and against a pistol. There are independant businesses like BlackWater International and Strategos International that can offer training to police officers and police departments.
the school i learn bjj at is like 50% police officers, but they don't mention anything about clearing your weapon. i do feel safer though knowing that at least a decent amount of cops can kick some ass.
One of my instructors is a US Marshall.

It seems like a lot of BJJ is taught to cops/
BJJ is good, you're gonna be scrapping with alot of untrained people just trying to escape. We have some police officers at our gym and they say they use keylocks and collar chokes all the time, as well as various positional controls. Also, alot of Dojos will give police officers a discount on training.
scorcho said:
I posted on this same thread in the standup forum. I think JJ is the best, simply because of all the pins and hold-downs, which allow you to handcuff and control people without injuring them too badly.
knee on belly/back
i think u should learn kickboxing or muay thai. And a lil bit of bjj if wanna work on ur ground game. But most of the time ur not gonna be wantin to fight on the ground because of broken glass, and other dangerous materials on the ground. But yeah i think u should mainly work on standup like muay thai and kickboxing and if u think u need to work on ur ground game definately do bjj or sambo
Luckily enough, my BJJ instructor is also a use of force instructor for police and security agencies and is also head security of a club. He's shown us a good amount of techniques that are useful in streetfights and brawls and so on. Im also interested in the fieldwork of police.

Its also never to late to start
Judo. It's rare a cop has to strike his opponnent. Afterall, most of those assholes have nightsticks and tasers. Judo would definently help for throws and control.
You could always pick up the Kibun jiujitsu DVD made by a police officer for police offers to use. PM JiuJitsu Cop about it, he's the man behind the DVD and I'm sure can give you some valuable advice based on his experiences in your line of work.
90% of what most cops (but not all) will deal with when it comes to use of force is the non-violent but non-compliant individual.
A good example would be a non-aggressive intoxicated guy who none-the-less refuses to get out of traffic. A perfect situation for a cop to walk out and slap on some kind of "come along" AIKIDO wrist technique and walk the guy out of the street to the waiting patrol car.

Sometimes things escalate and the officer finds himself dealing with a subject who decides to fight back. Maybe shoves the cop or something, but has no weapon and is making no attempt to get the cops weapons. A hard JUDO takedown is in order, followed by a blast of OC Spray to the face.

Sometimes things get really nasty and the bad guy whips out a knife or firearm. The officer escalates his response appropriately and draws his firearm.

Cops have to be constantly concerned about their own duty belt (commonly called the "bat belt") which has a baton, pepper spray, taser, and a firearm among other dasteredly things that the bad guy can get ahold of.

BJJ is good, but a cop pulling guard would be downright stupid because of the bat belt problem, among other things.

Ever seen the video footage of the cop who ends up trying a kimura against the guy in his guard and the guy gets the cops duty weapon? He actually tried the kimura on the same side he was carrying his pistol, so that the bad guys hand was right on the firearm itself. Stupid.